The Hotel Manager’s Guide to Restarting Transient Business

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As hospitality begins to open its doors, the question remains: what will happen to transient travel? When will travel managers source in 2020? And how will restraints on international travel affect it?

The responsibilities, priorities and challenges of travel managers have changed significantly since the start of coronavirus. They will want to know how your hotel will keep guests safe in regards to social distancing or sanitisation protocols. Duty of care will play an even more critical role in the coming years.

The Hotel Manager’s Guide to restarting transient Business

We’re here to help. Our newest guide to restarting transient business tells you everything you need to know about the shifting landscape of transient business and where you, as a hotelier, should focus your efforts in a restart.

Download this guide to discover:

  • What travel managers expect from hotels
  • What a post-pandemic transient world looks like
  • How to adjust to new challenges and expectations
  • How to use technology to power your transient restart