Safer Meetings: How Event Organisers & Venues Make Them Happen

For event and hospitality professionals: Ensuring delegate safety has taken on a new meaning and become an urgent topic of conversation for both event organisers and hospitality professionals. The event organiser’s checklist has changed as well; from sourcing a safety-compliant venue, to contactless check-in, badging and lead capture onsite. Join this session to learn how venues can reassure event organisers, deliver safer meetings, and how today's vital technologies will aide collaboration in delivering a successful delegate experience.

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual

Audience: Event Professional, Hospitality Professional
Track: Safety, Security & Policy


ccv speaker Maria Hoffmeister

Maria Hoffmeister - Speaker(s)
Area Director of Sales & Marketing
InterContinental Berlin

ccv speaker Olivia Murray Taylor

Olivia Murray-Taylor - Speaker(s)
Regional Sales Manager, Venue Sourcing

ccv speaker Oscar Carty

Oscar Carty - Speaker(s)
Manager, Hospitality Cloud

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