Boost attendee engagement

Push Notifications

Keep attendees informed before, during and after the event


Allow everyone to join and shape the discussion


Effortlessly compile and display attendees’ social content in real time at your event


Empower attendees to utilise maps of the conference as well as the city to navigate their way throughout your events.

Move as fast as your events

When you're planning events things move at a rapid pace. With CrowdCompass you can stay on top of the details in more ways than one. Not only can you edit your event programmes in real-time and send instant updates on the go, the app also delivers live reporting so you can keep track of who's arrived and how your event is performing.


Empower attendees to find and communicate with like-minded people.


Encourage participation with real-time attendee to speaker engagement features.


Entice deeper connections with attendees and your brand using in-app gamification.

Feeling is believing: The 5 emotions of successful event apps

Mobile apps are changing the way we experience events. And while a poorly-designed app can stifle or frustrate attendees, a successful app will energise and delight them. Check out this eBook and make sure your next event feels like a success to everyone involved.