Cvent 2020 Planner Sentiment & Sourcing Report: Europe Edition

Learn how planners feel about the future of events  

We surveyed 711 meeting and event planners across Europe to provide you with insights into event planner sentiments during a time of COVID-19. This report will provide you with a deeper understanding of planner needs, priorities and challenges in such uncertain and unpredictable times, including insights such as: 

  • Most planners expect spend to return to pre-COVID levels: 52% believe their 2021 in-person event spend will be higher than their spend in 2019 

  • Technology is more important than ever to planners: 62% say that their use of technology has increased during COVID-19 

  • Hybrid events are the way forward: 76% say they’d plan a hybrid event  

  • planner sentiment and sourcing cover EU

    Planners are anxious about venue health and safety protocols: 58% are struggling to reschedule events because of insufficient health and safety protocols at venues 

  • Safety is top requirement for return to in-person events: 56% say that “safe space” health and safety considerations would most influence their selection of a venue 

Find out where you’re succeeding in providing safe experiences and living up to expectations –and where you could improve – by downloading the report today. 

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