Meliá Hotels International

Concerned about the amount of time they spent on converting RFPs, Meliá Hotels International invested in the use of transient technology back in 2012 to proactively assist with administrative processes and to have an overall view of corporate business across their portfolio of 370 hotels.

Countless clients, Countless Spreadsheets

Meliá spent a lot of time identifying, segmenting and reaching out to corporate travel prospects on a daily basis. Before Cvent Meliá had a dedicated team that regularly checked and updated all information of their corporate clients, and also responded to any queries. A large part of this process was manually executed as it involved working on countless spreadsheets. Targeting the right kind of clients was also a big challenge. To attain the kind of goals they had required reaching out to a large number of people, but that required huge manpower.

With a little help

Though their team had some doubts at the beginning about using Cvent Business Transient, once they found out the benefits of the platform there was no going back. With a tool like transient in place, it has become easier for them to communicate with clients in an organised manner without any room for misinterpretation. Earlier, the Meliá UK sales team spent as many as five hours a day on something as simple as responding to an enquiry. But this has now turned into a straightforward process where they are able to receive and reply to enquiries all through a single tool and throughout their hotel portfolio. Because of this, the hotel group finds it easy to start conversations and negotiations regarding corporate business, a task which in the past would have been unfeasible as it'd have involved a lot of travelling.

They loved that Business Transient has everything in one place, a feature which helps them tremendously with their daily work. They now no longer have to rely upon disparate systems to get their information regarding corporate business for their hotel portfolio.

The Future

Cvent is now cemented as a tool that transformed Meliá's e-RFP processes. The hotel group has noticed the value that Cvent brings for their team and also the fact that they can keep a close eye on corporate business for all their hotels.

Their next objective is now to bring more hotels within their portfolio into using the Cvent Business Transient platform. They would also like to continue to train more and more members of their team to use the Cvent tool, as they know Cvent will continue to increase their corporate business RFP volume. They are strongly relying on Cvent to achieve their goals and targets for the next three to five years.

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