January 15, 2019
By Cvent

Event ROI is one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry, but it means something different for every meetings and events planner. At its essence, it’s all about proving the success of your event, which can seem daunting. From figuring out what success looks like to what data to use, there are endless directions you could go in. Proving the ROI of your event is important, it shows event impact and can help you make improvements for future event. ROI is about more than just pounds and pennies. The business value of your event is based on more than just that. It all comes down to how you define ROI.

In our newest webinar, Defining ROI (and what’s different about ROI for events), we’ll cover everything you need to know about ROI basics. You won’t be stuck wondering what you should be tracking or how to calculate event success.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to define event ROI
  • What’s different about calculating ROI for events
  • How to approach revenue generating events vs. events not directly related to revenue

Join us on 24th January at 4pm GMT

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Can’t wait for the webinar? Don’t worry, there’s an eBook!  Get Part #1 of Cvent’s Essential Guide to Event ROI and find out how to define ROI for your event.

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