Track Your Expenses Efficiently

Budgeting and spend tracking for meetings and events has long been a pain point among event managers and procurement professionals. Cvent's sophisticated budgeting tools alleviate the pains of tracking funds, recalculating variable costs, and monitoring budget surplus.


Budget estimates

Capture high level budget estimates per spend category.

Track figures

Track negotiated rates and actual paid against the initial quote to show their return on objectives.

Create formulas

Create savings formulas to calculate savings in a way that is meaningful for your organisation.

Create budget templates

Design customised budget templates to shortcut the budget creation process.

Ensure data integrity

Standardise categories, subcategories, taxes and GL codes to accurately track and report spend.

Negotiate better deals

Leverage aggregate spend to negotiate better deals with vendors and suppliers.

Evaluate costs

Evaluate your average cost per attendee and if that is trending in the right direction.

Analyse expenses

Analyse key spend metrics through robust reporting engine.

Integrate with other systems

Transfer data between Cvent and other systems like Concur's Expense module or QuickBooks.