MICE Competitive Set Dashboards

Competitive Set Dashboards help hoteliers understand how MICE demand, response patterns, and awarded business compare with up to 10 competitors in real time, enabling confident, data-driven business decisions.


  • Measure your property’s RFP performance against the competition.
  • Define your competitive pool and view aggregate performance data.
  • Analyse your future lead opportunity using Event Start Dates.


MICE Enterprise Dashboards

Insights on Portfolio Performance

For entreprise-level and above-property users spanning chains, management companies, and even destinations, relevant and timely business intelligence on all properties within your MICE portfolio can make or break your success. With Cvent’s Entreprise Dashboards, hospitality executives get a complete bird’s-eye view of their properties’ relative performance so they know where to focus their efforts.


• Understand your portfolio’s MICE business performance with aggregate metrics.

• Compare data across brands and properties to improve resource allocation.

• Access real-time MICE business data relevant to your portfolio .

• Evaluate performance using custom groupings by cluster, geography, and more.

• Grow shareholder value by making data-driven insights that maximise ROI.

Passkey Intelligence

Insights on Room Block Pick-up and Upsell Marketing

While Passkey offers industry-leading solutions for managing and upselling existing group demand, it also gives you and your customers the intelligence to better manage group bookings. Online event dashboards give both event planners and hotel staff real-time information on block pick-up, pace, room lists, and other critical event information.

Business Transient Intelligence

Corporate Travel Business Analytics

Corporate travel is an aggressive market that requires you stay competitively positioned. The Business Intelligence module in Cvent Business Transient (formerly Lanyon) helps you understand how your rates and amenities compare to the competition, giving you every opportunity to grow your corporate travel business


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