Cvent’s web survey software helps organisations streamline the way they collect feedback and timely business intelligence. Professionals can use Cvent’s web survey software to test markets, qualify leads, measure programme effectiveness, enhance company culture and gauge stakeholder opinions. Using software for web surveys is the new norm for conducting and managing surveys, and is more effective and efficient than traditional surveying techniques.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Create and manage highly effective customer feedback programmes that build loyalty, increase satisfaction and improve your brand's overall bottom line.

Market Research Surveys

Move your organisation's marketing efforts forward by collecting information on your target market and products or services.

Professional Services Survey

Lacking resources, industry expertise, and/or time to spend on survey design and reporting? Our Professional Services team can take on any part of your survey.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Proactively create surveys for employees and find out what truly motivates them.


Survey Software Functions

Cvent's online survey software can be used to perform a number of key functions at organisations of all kinds. Our web surveys are used for every essential survey-related function. Whether you work for a small business or a large company in need of an Enterprise Feedback Management tool, Cvent can meet your survey needs. Marketers can benefit from our market research surveys to make smart decisions, HR departments can gauge employee satisfaction and organisations can improve client satisfaction through feedback.


Professional Web Survey Software Features

Cvent's web survey systems provide the survey management, data collection and reporting tools you need to get the most out of your organisation's budget and staff. Our web survey solutions include a range of unique features, allowing marketers, HR specialists and other survey creators to easily construct sophisticated surveys.

It can be frustrating and sometimes damaging to a project when the help and support you need simply doesn't exist.

Cvent’s award-winning Client Services team is available to ensure all customer issues and requests are promptly met and addressed. Our number one priority is making sure you are comfortable using our system, so that your internal and external surveys are a success!