Women in Leadership in 2020: Still a Problem?

Are gender inequality issues in the workplace a thing of the past? More women than ever are taking on senior management positions. In fact, women now take up a new record high of 29% of senior leadership roles globally. Still, the truth remains that the higher the corporate ladder you climb, the fewer women you see. Will current trends towards equality continue? Are women-led leadership programs still necessary to drive change? With the global meetings and events industry predominantly made up of women, we want to reflect on the progress made so far and explore what comes next for women in leadership.

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual

Audience: Marketing Professional (Non-Hospitality), Event Professional, Hospitality Professional
Track: industry Trends


ccv speaker Lorraine Copes

Lorraine Copes - Speaker(s)
BAME in Hospitality

ccv speaker Stephanie Dubois

Stephanie Dubois - Speaker(s)
Senior Event Director

ccv speaker Ciara Feely

Ciara Feely - Speaker(s)
Sales Strategist & Author of Steps to WIN

ccv speaker Helen Aspinall

Helen Aspinall - Speaker(s)
Senior Manager, Mobile Solutions

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