Advanced reduced their admin time significantly whilst increasing attendee engagement at their largest event.

Two-weeks admin to two-days
90% of attendees using the event app
Centralised Hub

Events are critical to the Advanced business to generate sales leads, build brand awareness and grow relationships. Charlotte Dawes, an Events Executive at Advanced noted that “events are extremely important to us, assisting in getting the brand out there, capturing potential leads for our sales team, as well as allowing our employees to meet face to face with our customers”.

Advanced hold 120 events a year, with Advanced World being the biggest live event, connecting over 1,500 business professionals across 10 different streams, including Healthcare, Finance and Legal. Planning and execution of the single day event is very complex, as everything must “run like clockwork whilst onsite”. Advanced faced issues before adopting Cvent, such as sharing event information with the sales team efficiently and keeping track of registration and event information as they were having to use multiple platforms. It was a mix of “tracking several moving pieces via Excel” and managing multiple lists, making it difficult to quickly create clear reports on attendee numbers, ROI and so on. This is where Cvent stepped in.

Engaging the Audience

Engaging with attendees was previously a challenge for the Advanced team, which is one of the reasons they adopted the Cvent event app. “The event app gave that extra element of interaction with the delegates. They were able to access the agenda which saved us time as we were not being asked questions, and it enables us to promote speaker sessions and information through the push notifications”.

90 percent of the attendees at Advanced World downloaded and engaged with the Cvent Mobile event app, with almost 12,000 minutes of usage. “The event app definitely increased attendee engagement and we also had more than 100 sponsor views”. Charlotte used this data to report back to partners, which has enabled the team to sell sponsorship as a feature, a new revenue stream for Advanced.

Having the Cvent Event App, and Cvent Event Management Platform enabled Charlotte and her team to make an edit on one of these, and for that change to be reflected everywhere, whereas previously they had to make multiple changes on their app, website and event registration. “It has been really useful using just one event platform, making edits quick and easy.”

Reducing Admin Time

Previously, Advanced used an external agency to manage their check-in process which slowed down how quickly event data got back to their team. OnArrival360 has had a positive impact in this regard, and from a post event perspective. Charlotte noted that OnArrival360 has “cut down the time that we’ve had to spend working out the success and ROI of the event. I’d say it has cut time down from two weeks’ worth of admin to two days.”

Charlotte went on to state how the Cvent team who attended their event as part of the OnArrival360 package were “very supportive, the OnArrival360 team were brilliant on the day, they were there to troubleshoot when needed, and it worked really well with our wider marketing team. Really great.”

Enabling Maximum Productivity

Charlotte explained that Advanced acquire several smaller companies every year, with the result being a constantly growing and evolving event schedule. “...our events are growing massively. Using Cvent means that we are able to act at pace, we are still a small team, but we’re able to maximise our productivity using the Cvent platform.”

“To any other organisations that are considering Cvent, I would say the main impact that it’s had on us is the fact that it has provided one centralised hub, which has just made our lives easier in terms of how we access information, how we report on the event and how we follow up on the information we collect.”