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Connect with venues to get safety details

Browse a database of 300,000 venues, use filters to include results that meet your specific event venue criteria.

  • Access health and safety information within venue profiles and the Source Safely resource center to ensure a venue is implementing new protocols.
  • Use the meeting space capacity calculator to understand the space you need to accommodate an event with distancing measures in mind
  • Leverage customised question templates in your RFP to ensure you are asking the most important questions to you and your organisation.
  • Track cancelled space credits and ensure it doesn’t go unused to mitigate financial risk.
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Improve visibility across your organisation

Centralising meeting data is key to managing a crisis. Cvent’s venue sourcing solutions help you gain valuable visibility so you and your team are on the same page.

  • See where RFPs are going, share history, and view internal notes.
  • Mark favorite suppliers within the account for every user to find easily.
  • Provide enough user logins for everyone on your team.
Vendor Spend

Rein in your meeting spend

Budget is more important than ever. Gather the insight you need to save an average of 17% on hotel bookings.

  • Use comprehensive reporting and tracking to analyse RFP history and stay on budget.
  • Add contracted information to calculate proposed vs. actualised data.
  • View your organisation’s history with properties, brands or chains to use as leverage for future negotiations.
  • Build and customise RFP budgets to ensure you are staying within your objectives.
Hotel Contacts

Work smarter by leveraging hotel contacts

Save time on manual processes and strengthen your supplier relationships within your venue sourcing platform.

  • Upload industry contacts into your account for easy access.
  • Send RFPs directly to contacts or copy them on leads sent to their associated properties.
  • Allow hotel contacts to distribute RFPs on your behalf and track responses.
  • Get faster responses and receive the most negotiated rates.
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Sourcing for your next meeting or event?

Check out the Event Planner's Guide to Sourcing for a step-by-step guide to success.