August 20, 2019
By Hannah Burks

On the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), more than 74,000 event and meeting planners are sourcing venues and destinations around the world. In 2015, planners sent more than 1.8 million RFPs to venues and sourced more than $9.8 billion of group business through the network. Since 2009, the CSN has seen an 886% increase in unique planners sending their first RFPs. Tap into this engaged, event audience by presenting your property as a go-to venue for qualified planners and other event professionals.

In less than three hours, you can master best practices and the skills required to convert more group business. At Cvent CONNECT 2016 you'll have the opportunity to earn your Supplier Certification onsite at a discounted rate. The certification is designed to help hotel professionals improve inbound lead quality, increase RFP conversion, and improve the venue's overall online presence.

Certified hotel professionals have reported increasing their venue's conversion rate by as much as 18%.

Elevate your group business approach by attending the Supplier Professional Certification at Cvent CONNECT. Right now, we’re even offering a 50% discount (only $250!). You’ll receive:

  • A Certificate of completion.
  • Badge for Cvent account, LinkedIn profile, email signature, business cards, and more.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize the Cvent toolset efficiently, manage RFPs, and dive deeper inside a planner’s mind so you can win more group business. Technical skills include sharpening lead management skills, improving quality of leads received, and responding to leads faster.

Being certified will help you see a higher ROI for your property and establish a better reputation within the planner community. The certification session consists of four sessions and an open-book test.

Cvent Certification consists of four training sessions and a test. If you score an 80% or higher, your certification is good for two years. We’ll even give you a certificate on the spot to let everyone know you’re a graduate. The sessions include:

  • Part 1: Understanding the Planner Perspective
  • Part 2: Marketing to the Right Audience
  • Part 3: Inbound Lead Management
  • Part 4: Increasing Conversion Rates

Supplier Certification is available on Sunday, June 26th at 10:00 am and Tuesday, June 28th at 12:30 pm. In order to complete the certification exam or participate in the trainings at Cvent CONNECT you will need a laptop that can connect to Wi-Fi.

Sr. Sales Manager at Stanley Hotel, Patricia Twogood agreed that obtaining the certification was more than worth it: “Attending [Cvent Certification] was enlightening and something that every hotel should do! The training was easy to understand and hits the important issues and bullet points. Money well spent, indeed!"

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