April 17, 2019
By Mansi Soni

When it comes to your events, you need to find the perfect venue. After all, the event venue can be one of the reasons attendees choose to register for your event. From unique locations, to cool spaces, 2019 brings new venue trends. When picking a venue, there’s a never-ending list of logistical and budgetary concerns to think about.  Often, event budget is the largest influencer of venue. Sometimes, you can make the case for a more expensive venue based on benefits and opportunity for more attendees because the venue is a major selling point for attendees.

Incredible Service Changes the Game

There’s something to be said about the venues that really know what they’re doing. Attention to detail and an observant staff can be a gamechanger. Attendees want to be treated like VIPs. Find venues that cater to the VIP experience and will help you provide everything attendees could want and more. As a result, your venue will add to the attendee experience.

Incredible Service Changes the Game

Multiple Spaces for Multi-Day Events

Attendees don’t like being stuck in the same room day after day. If your event lasts multiple days, think about hosting different events or sessions at different locations. While you may have one home base venue that can accommodate the size of your event, look into fun restaurants, bars, and alternatively use spaces that could add a little excitement. Certainly, multiple locations can break up the monotony of holding the event in one space.

Choose a Venue that Matches Company Ideals

If your organisation is focussed on sustainability, choose a venue that embodies those ideals. Focussed on health and wellness, then pick a venue that can accommodate work-outs, massages, and more. Above all, the venue should reinforce the purpose of the event.

Virtual Events

While face-to-face events are irreplaceable, virtual events can fill a void when attendees aren’t able to travel far or have a limited budget. From virtual reality options to live-streaming, think about hosting your event online. As a result, you’ll be able to increase the number of attendees by catering to their needs.

Technology Focused Venues

Venues are doing amazing things with technology. It can help create engagement and creative spaces. As always, make sure that the venue has strong Wi-Fi – your attendees will notice if it doesn’t! Finally, make sure there is someone onsite from the venue to help if the technology in the space malfunctions.

Technology Focused Venues

Personalisation in Event Space

Some venues are blank palettes and some need to be dressed up. Planners have created incredible spaces out of blank canvases. Brand and personalise a blank space to appeal to attendees. Industrial spaces offer a raw backdrop that can be dressed up or down. Above all, they give you a chance to create something unique from scratch.

Embrace Quirky or Offbeat Spaces

Venues aren’t limited to hotel ballrooms and convention centres. Rather, they can happen anywhere. Bars, theatres, wineries, and more can host events that inspire. Attendees are looking to attend events at venues that are cool and insta-worthy. Look for spaces that are off the beaten path or a little quirky to add a cool element to your event. Additionally, keep in mind attendee demographics when picking a space.

Embrace Quirky or Offbeat Spaces

Keep an Eye Out

There are always new spaces to explore. Push past the expected and look for venues that offer a little something extra.

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Mansi Soni

Mansi is part of the content marketing team at Cvent. She has 7+ years of experience in developing content for the travel and hospitality industry and leads the content production team for the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. When not researching new topics for writing, she can be found making glass paintings, trying new ice cream flavours or playing family games.
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