January 14, 2021
By Featured Venues & Destinations

What kind of setting would you like to create for your next meeting? Would you create a business formal, high-energy, or super chillaxing vibe?

As your imagination starts whirling, in a split-second, your thoughts pivot to your rapidly growing to-do list. Where to find furniture to rent for events? And what about the event video production? After all, every convention, meeting, or event needs to be digital, not only with today’s travel restrictions in effect, but well into the future as a way to expand your business, audience, and community. 

Now, you can have the best of both worlds. Long Beach’s hybrid meeting turnkey solutions have all of that covered. Their entire campus is equipped with production lighting, sound, and accessories that would rival most movie studios. You may also choose from an eclectic inventory of furniture and décor to create the perfect ambiance for your event. This will help you make the most of your budget as all the lighting, furniture, and décor are included – at no additional cost.

Long Beach’s new Director of Creative Initiatives will assist you throughout every step of your event – from planning to execution. A trained professional team is also on hand and can help you with the many customization options available at these amazing, scalable spaces. Finally, an experienced television producer will capture every choreographed moment of your event with perfect lighting and precise camera angles.

All of the tools are in place to create a dynamic hybrid event that leverages the excitement of your in-person gathering and streams that emotion virtually, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

For example, furniture can be set up as “safe pods” for conducting smaller meetings, presentations, or interviews onsite which can also be streamed as interactive seminars or newsworthy updates.

Or a stage can be set up for an award-show gala, while a photograph of it can be sent to online attendees to use as their virtual background, so they can place it on their screen and feel like they are truly a part of your event.

You may even link to any of the other campus’ spaces via images or video throughout your live-stream event. Imagine quick cuts between stage presentations, small meeting areas, or more intimate spots. The center’s specially designed surrounding areas allow you to create meet-ups and networking pods where attendees can sit, talk, and socialize while taking advantage of mobile device charging stations.

Each area is designed to stimulate the senses with a taste of SoCal culture through art and sculpture installations, coffee-shop-style seating, colorful walls, gorgeous public art murals, and more – even analog games like ping pong and foosball.

Everything you need to create the perfect ambiance is at your disposal. You’ll find a wide selection of plants, drapery, decorative globes, living room vignettes with plenty of seating, including fun beanbag chairs and comfy cushions.

You may also host meetings at any one of the center’s outdoor spaces, which are equipped with additional seating, heat lamps, and game tables. Each outdoor space also has its own set of special perks, such as spacious cabanas at The Cove or the stunning, dancing water display at the nearby Terrace Fountains which puts on quite the light show at night.

These playful, yet sophisticated indoor and outdoor spaces set the stage for conversation, collaboration, connections, socialization, and networking communities.

All made possible by a recent $60 million modernization that envisioned a new digital hybrid meeting model for the contemporary convention center. The future has arrived in Long Beach, just in time.

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