August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

One of the hottest topics in every industry is how businesses can best support their local economy while operating an environmentally sustainable business. At Belterra Casino Resort, sustainability is a top priority. From how the hotel is operated to the light bulbs, Belterra Casino Resort in Vevay, IN has made huge initiatives toward conservation on behalf of team members and guests. Here are some of the efforts Belterra has made to become greener:


• Participates in a recycling program; primarily cardboard and paper products.

• Recycles and minimizes packaging materials when appropriate.

• Recycled or consumable products are reused when possible.

• Source locally grown or made products.

• Reduce paper but providing digital information.

• Items not needed for events are reused.

• Electronic faucets and low-flow toilets installed in some restrooms.

Energy & Air Quality

• LED light bulbs are used on the Property.

• Energy efficient lighting and timers used in the garage and outdoor area.

• All vehicles should be parked with ignition off while passengers or items are being loaded/unloaded.


• Water & energy saving programs for all in-room linens and towels.

• Sheers are kept shut in all guest rooms and HVAC system automatically shuts off when vacant.

• Smart digital thermostats react to presence and occupancy to adjust settings.

• Check-in/check-out process completed electronically; confirmations and folios available via email.

Conference Space

• Minimize the use of linens for events and meetings when possible.

• Sheers and curtains are pulled closed when rooms are vacant.

• Lights are turned down or off when rooms are not in use.

• Items left over from events or meetings are donated to local communities.

• Digital signs available by request.

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