December 16, 2016
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As Bill Gates already stated in 1996, “Content is king” and now more than ever inspiring content is crucial to capture the interest of your audience. New technologies in event organisation and the drive of the audience to actively participate in the event demand efficient two-way communication with your delegates. This is essential to make sure that the programme of the event meets their needs and stays relevant year on year.

Can a destination support you in the ambition to offer outstanding content to your delegates? Absolutely! A city, when chosen well, can provide you with an exhilarating business atmosphere, a network of international institutions, multinational companies, local experts in different business clusters and key opinion leaders. All of this can enrich your event programme and boost the engagement of your delegates.

Even if the city has all of this to offer, you still need access to it. Many cities act as a gateway to these institutions such as the usual suspects Paris, Madrid, London, Vienna, or Singapore. However, there are also alternative destinations that more and more congresses and event organisers are discovering today. One of them is The Hague.

The Hague has a lot offer, as it has transformed into an international knowledge infrastructure in the last two decades. In The Hague, you have access to enormous intellectual and human capital, expertise and prestige that enriches any event programme.

The International Court of Justice, located within the Peace Palace, is a manifestation of the values of peace and justice that The Hague stands for. From the second Peace Conference in 1907 and onwards, numerous top-profile meetings on political and social issues have taken place in the many historical venues of The Hague. This accumulation of knowledge and expertise has shaped The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice. World leaders rely on its infrastructure to hold their conventions – and every single time the city delivers.

Peace and Justice is not the only area in which The Hague offers in-depth knowledge and an outstanding network of experts. The city leads in a number of economic clusters: Cyber Security, Information and Technology, Energy and Renewables, as well as Legal and Finance. The many global companies which are situated The Hague, as well as event organisers who choose the city as their destination, benefit from the drive towards innovation and knowledge development in these fields.

The Hague Convention Bureau is working to further establish strong ties to the city and its knowledge infrastructure by means of its ambassador programme and partnership network. As a result, event organisers receive tailored solutions that offer a lot of flexibility and make it easy to get inspiration for the event programme.  

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