May 16, 2017
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Safety and security is not an unfamiliar topic to be discussed in the business event industry. For many years host cities, venues and planners alike have improved their measurements and established best practices, technologies and innovations to secure a smooth and safe execution. However, after recent worldwide events, the issue of event security has become more complex and it often leaves meeting specialists with plenty of questions about the future.

Planning a successful event can have its ups and downs. For sure there are some things that are simply out of the control ofevent organisers and planners, such as the security measurements at the event location and the safety situation in the city. Now more than ever, it is crucial for the success of an event or congress that delegates feel safe and get to enjoy the event.

One of the main questions raised is how can an event destination support the security of an event? The answer is by offering a venue and a level of infrastructure that improves the safety of your event and guarantees a welcoming and secure environment for your delegates!

Event Safety is Either Black or White

Of course security threats are not a favourable topic to discuss, but that exactly is the problem, as pointed out by Michiel Middendorf, the general manager of The World Forum – the biggest convention centre in The Hague, the Netherlands. “It is very important that everyone in the event industry openly and honestly discusses such subjects as terrorist threats and security breaches. We must bring the subject to the table and regularly align our practices on how to diminish various risks – without being naive about our ability to reduce all risks to zero.”

For Middendorf, is it not just event organisers that have to understand the relevance of security, but also everyone working at the event location. Threats can be limited by having attentive staff members who are trained and know what to do in the case of an emergency. Mr Middendorf frequently organises safety and security briefings for his staff, to ensure each member contributes to the protection of their guests and delegates.

The Security. The Safety. The Hague.

The Hague has a lot of experience in hosting high-profile conferences and welcoming international leaders to the city. As The Hague is the international city of Peace & Justice, the Dutch Royal city and the seat of the Dutch government, it frequently has prominent guests, which in turn leads to a high level of security in the city.

For more insights, please have a look at the interview with Mr. Middendorf on event safety.

The Hague Convention Bureau

The ambition of The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB) is to host events which facilitate knowledge sharing, spark new business ideas and establish long-lasting partnerships. THCB supports event organisers with the planning and hosting of meetings and conferences in The Hague and makes sure that the event benefits from the city’s numerous opportunities. More information about the services and support offered by THCB can be found on The Hague Convention Bureau’s website.

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