September 27, 2018
By Caroline Howard

Do you ever get stressed? When I say stressed, I mean head banging against the wall, questioning your ability to do your job type of stressed. If you do, you're not alone. The event industry tends to induce a lot of stress. I mean a lot. This is no surprise considering event planning is ranked among the top five most stressful jobs.

Our Planning Team knows staying on top of stress levels is vital to success, especially after the impressive hours they spend planning our annual conference Cvent CONNECT. Pleasing over 3,000 attendees is no joke. This team is no stranger to high stress and no sleep.

There are lots of ways to tackle the overwhelming feeling of stress. One efficient way is to bottle it up, then yell into a pillow. I'm kidding. Kind of. Honestly though, taking care of your stress is important for your metal health and your confidence. As an event planner, you are faced with challenges at every corner. Knowing how to deal with intense situations is your job. You have to keep your head up and trust yourself to make the right calls.

Here are some quotes to make you feel more at ease and bring you back to the top of your game.

About Trying Other Options

You're never stuck with one plan, if something isn't working then try a different approach.

About Creating the Future Yourself

You are in charge of making things happen, how awesome is that.

About Planning Ahead

Every planner knows how much time goes into a single event.

About Juggling What Life Throws at You

Events throw things at you out of nowhere. Stay on top of things and turn them into positives!

About Taking a Second to Yourself

Good things take time and good events take a lot of time. That means as a planner you work overtime, juggle a million tasks at once, and put out fires on the daily. Event planning is not for the faint of heart.

I hope these quotes reminded you that while your job is tough, it's not impossible. You've got this!

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