August 20, 2019
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All the technology in the world cannot give us the emotional connections we need with other humans. For organisers of large and small gatherings, Radisson Blu London Portman offers Experience Meetings – the most ambitious event concept yet.


How can it be that with all our hi-tech gadgets for staying informed, miscommunication and confusion are still alive and well? The simple truth is that no amount of technology can convey the information and emotion of a face-to-face interaction. And we are not having enough of them. We humans crave to see each other in real life. We need to make and feel personal connections. In short, we need meetings. But they have to be effective meetings.

This new way of looking at business events looks at the bigger picture to ensure hosts, delegates and guests get everything they need from the event, whatever its size. Using industry insights, comprehensive customer surveys and a lot of Radisson Blu know-how, it looks set to make these meetings the ones that nobody will want to miss. So, without further ado, please take your seats for our top tips for meeting success:

Get off to the right start

It all starts at the beginning a process called co-creation. For example, a high-stakes boardroom meeting deserves a whole different setup than a kick-off for the sales department. What is the meeting about? Who and how many will be attending? What does a successful outcome look like? Only with this info can the organisers work together with other stakeholders to design a meeting experience that leads to the fulfilment of its objective.

Provide food for thought

The nutritional part is called Brain Food and rests on some simple guidelines. There is plenty of fish, lean meat and whole-grain foods, and fruits and vegetables in abundance. All produce is fresh, locally sourced and as ‘pure’ as possible, meaning with little or no processing. Sugars are not avoided entirely, but they’ll always be natural and won’t exceed ten percent of any foodstuff.

Create the perfect environment

Environmental awareness is achieved through the Think Planet program, which includes offsetting CO2 emissions and eco-labelling hotels as well as more hands-on features such as low-energy lighting and efficient air conditioning. The awards programme Club Carlson for Planners assures that organisers can rack up points to use for future events.

Provide 100% satisfaction

Finally, all efforts by any Radisson Blu employee before, during, and after a meeting or event aim at 100-percent satisfaction for the client.

Experience what a difference this new approach can make by speaking to Radisson Blu London Portman hotel via +44 (0)20 7208 6000 or Email: [email protected]


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