August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

First off, we just want to start by saying how happy we are that you’re a part of the Cvent family. We put together a quick “welcome kit” for you to get the most out of your partnership with Cvent. And if you’ve been with us for awhile now (hey, we’ve been in the industry for 17 years!), these tips will help you expand what you do with Cvent technology.

Our job is to help deepen and strengthen your partnership with Cvent – we’re experts at it. So, here are our 5 tips for getting the most out of your “relationship” with us from Cvent help resources.

Explore Cvent help resources for customers

1. Rest reassured your partner is committed to you.

We get it – as an event planner, you have the 5th most stressful job in the United States, and you can’t afford for your technology partner to let you down.  Rest assured, that Cvent comes with world class support, in a variety of forms.

  1. Customer Support – Available to you 24/7 for person-to-person interaction with our Cvent experts. So when you wake yourself up in the middle of the night, frantic – remembering that tiny little thing you needed to check, fix, or adjust, give us a call. We’re all ears!
  2. Cvent Community – the mecca of Cvent information. A one-stop shop for articles ranging in topics from processes to error messages and everywhere in between.
  3. live chat – Communicate your one-off inquiries with a quick chat in the pop-up box on, we’ll be on the case in no time.

2. Go on a double date.

Connect with other Cvent customers to learn how they leverage Cvent to make their events successful.

  1. Attend a Customer Success Group – Network with your peers in person, learn more about new features and best practices to use throughout your events, and get your questions answered by Cvent experts.
  2. Visit the Cvent Community Forums – Find out how others are using Cvent to share ideas and help incorporate more best practices into your own event planning.

3. Make it official.

A big step in any relationship, make sure you follow Cvent on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get the most up-to-date news and information about what we’re up to at Cvent.

  1. Follow Cvent on Facebook
  2. Follow Cvent on Twitter
  3. Follow Cvent on Instagram
  4. Follow Cvent on LinkedIn

4. Meet the family.

Since things are going so well between you and Cvent, get introduced to the rest of the Cvent family and learn how to integrate our first class solutions across all aspects of your events.

  1. CrowdCompass: Design mobile apps for your events to deliver a smarter event experience to your attendees, increasing engagement and ROI.
  2. Supplier Network: Use our database of over 200,000 event venues worldwide to streamline and customize your entire sourcing process from start to finish.
  3. Onsite Solutions: Deliver more modern, connected, and measurable onsite experiences that are more engaging for your attendees.

5. Take your first official vacation together.

There’s no destination more exciting than Las Vegas! Attend Cvent Connect, Cvent’s annual conference where you can learn, engage, and connect with industry peers, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest meeting and event industry trends.

Enjoy these Cvent help resources

Some of the links above are to the Cvent Community, a go-to resource for step-by-step help articles and tutorials, user forums, 24×7 support, and more. Visit the Cvent Customer Success Center to learn more.   

This was written by Dixon Blue and Bella Marino, Client Success Consultants at Cvent. Dixon is an avid music-listener, book reader, tennis player, and food lover. Bella loves doing crosswords, road-tripping to visit friends and family, hanging out with her puppy-niece Penny the Golden Retriever, and pretty much any kind of pizza. Follow @CventSuccess for tweets from Dixon, Bella, and other Client Success team members!  

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