August 20, 2019
By Anderson Conte

Cvent CONNECT continued by welcoming Cvent CONNECT’s headlining keynote, Jillian Michaels, to the stage. “I don’t know anything about your business,” Jillian admitted to a room packed with hotel professionals and planners. “But,” she continued, “I do know how to build a better life, which means a better business.” Everyone in the audience is custom to putting others first -- especially in their professional life. This can lead to feelings of depletion and neglect, which often take a massive hit on a person’s physical and mental health. Jillian stressed that people can only perform their best when they feel their best. She stated simply, “A person’s well-being is his or her own choice.”

“A person’s well-being is his or her own choice.”

But what if you feel stuck? Unfortunately, this lack of fulfillment is more common than you think. Jillian has been there, too. She’s been stuck in jobs she didn’t like and relationships that caused her pain, but she finally has found a place where she finally feels unstuck. How did she do it? Here are five of Jillian’s top tips to boost happiness and get unstuck in your life:

1. Stop Speaking in Generalizations

We never give enough detail when describing what we want. How can you make the best choices if you don’t have specific destinations on where you want to be and want you want to do? Figure out why you are doing something and then start making detailed plans with real deadlines.

2. Make New Mistakes

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough. Mistakes are learning opportunities. A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul. Keep making new mistakes so you can keep moving forward.

3. Stop Living the Life You THINK You Should live

The only person in charge of your well-being is you. During your busy day, take breaks to pause. Feelings serve as a compass to your happiness. During these pauses, think “Am I happy in this moment?” If you’re not then it’s time for a change. People will always have an opinion of how to live your life, but remember you are the one living it.

4. Don’t be a Tomorrowland Person

We all know the person who says, “Tomorrow will be the day I start XYZ.” Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances or day to make changes. Take small steps in the moment to see your full potential.

5. Move Past Fear

When faced with a fear, think of it in three different scenarios. The first scenario is that everything goes great and exactly how you wanted. The second scenario is that things fail terribly. But, the worst scenario is the third, which is doing nothing. With neglect comes decay. Nothing can never be an option. Sometimes the best place to be is at the bottom, so all you can go is up.

Jillian closed with a final thought. If you can dream up a “why” then you are more than capable of achieving it. Remember, we often underestimate ourselves, but we are more capable than we think. “Your moments are waiting for you,” she said, “and keep being awesome!”

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