August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

We’ve all been there: attending a tradeshow that your employer has spent thousands of dollars on, only to return empty handed and defeated with no new business to show for it. Gone are those days, since trade show technology and appointment applications make it easier to match the right buyers with the right suppliers.

This brings us to June 2017: Cvent CONNECT is now no longer a conference in its infancy, but a full-fledged industry to-do with Fortune 500 companies in attendance, and nearly every major hotel chain on the exhibit floor. My first Cvent CONNECT was in 2016 as an attendee but not exhibitor, and in just one year there was a huge jump in the size, scope, and sizzle of the event.

Cvent CONNECT does what many other shows fail to deliver on: instant ROI. Their system tracks the data of planners to give detailed insight into their spending and sourcing habits, making the appointments so tailored to the supplier’s needs it’s almost scary. Splitting a single set of appointments was a novice move, as I found that there were more people to see than time to see them!

The trade show floor was buzzing, and the technology of the event app made it easy to connect with potential customers and arrange times to meet for coffee or a cocktail. Breakouts were tailored to specific demographics so that attendees spent their time in small, intimate sessions with likeminded peers who were at the same aptitude level – a feat that is only achievable by having a program of this size and again knowing the demographic of the audience.

To the suppliers considering the show next year: don’t go into sticker shock! Consider the “quality over quantity” adage and know that when you attend a Cvent show they know exactly what customers are interested in your area, have the spending power behind it, and have taken the pain points out of traditional tradeshows by eliminating the “tchotchke-grab” environment that leaves us all feeling hollow.

The general sessions feel more like a tech startup’s meeting to motivate their staff. Impressive stats and accolades are touted while new products are revealed on big screens and with epic buildup. This show will provide you with results if you commit to using the technology tools before, during, and after to capitalize on your business opportunities and make your face-to-face interactions more meaningful. Do your homework on the attendees, prepare for your appointments to maximize your time, and go back home ready to improve your Cvent listing, the way your team uses it, and how you interact with your customers there.

I’ll see you in 2018 at Cvent CONNECT!


Written by Jessica Rienecker, CTA, CTP, CMM, HMCC.

All information provided by Visit Anaheim.

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