August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team
Here at Cvent, your success is what’s most important to us. We’re always looking to grow and expand the way we train our customers, both in-person and through self-guided training, because we feel that understanding the Cvent platform and feeling confident in the system will guide you to continued success! With that, we are excited to introduce our new, in-person training opportunities: Cvent Academy Training Workshops.

Workshops Coming to a City Near You

Similar to our Customer Success Groups, these Training Workshops will come to a city near YOU! You will spend the day in an immersive, hands-on learning experience. This is a rigorous boot-camp style training, where you will cover various topics and functionality all in one day. You will be leaving the workshop with a solid foundation of Cvent knowledge to help your events team achieve continued success in the platform. As Becky from CDW stated, “The Cvent Academy trainers were well-prepared and engaged our class with specific scenarios while sharing best practices. We had users from various levels, from logging in for the very first time to a Cvent Certified user. Given the broad spectrum, the trainer was able to make the training engaging for all of us.” Cvent Academy currently offers two main workshops:
  • Intro to Project Flex
  • Event Management for New Users

Intro to Project Flex

Intro to Project Flex is currently a complimentary, half-day workshop guiding you through our NEW registration platform, Flex! Flex was the largest project ever taken on by Cvent’s Product Management team, and we are eager for our customers to begin using it. It is what we consider “Registration Reimagined,” with a brand-new Site Designer that allows the user to easily drag and drop widgets to create a seamless event, a beautiful modern guest-side design, and amazing enhancements such as mobile responsiveness. In this workshop, you will be hands-on in your account learning about the new features and best practices, as well as building out an event in your account that can be used after you leave. We encourage you to attend this workshop if you are an existing user with prior experience building and managing events in the Cvent platform.

Event Management for New Users

Event Management for New Users is a full-day of training where you will be guided through the build, design, and management of an event website and registration experience. This is not only a fantastic opportunity for brand-new users but any existing users that may need a refresher on the fundamentals of Cvent. You will cover the full scope of an event life cycle from event creation to the website and registration process, travel requests, promotion methods, and reporting. The trainers will ensure you are understanding the elements within Event Management, as well as provide strategies and best practices to make sure you are utilizing everything available to you. As Ashley from CoBank stated, “Cvent Academy has amazing instructors.  The trainers are extremely knowledgeable about the product and willing to assist learning.” Because the locations of these workshops are ever-changing, keep an eye out for ones in a city near you! Up next, we have Intro to Project Flex in Denver, CO and Event Management for New Users in Salt Lake City, Utah. Register soon, as spots have been filling up quickly! We look forward to seeing you there!   This post was written by Danni Czark, Client Success Consultant at Cvent. Danni is a James Madison University alum originally from New Jersey. She enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, going to concerts, and any kind of pizza.
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