May 30, 2018
By Cvent Success Team

Do you ever have a question or a thought and wonder, "who exactly do I reach out to at Cvent? I know I have several resources, but who is the proper go-to?" Keep in mind, no matter who you reach out to we'll be there to guide you in the right direction and ensure you are in touch with the necessary resource. To save time, take a look at the breakdown below that shows you a clear way to leverage your support resources here at Cvent.

The Account Team

Account Manager

Ensures you derive maximum value from the Cvent platform and partners with you to achieve your business goals. This individual works directly with Client Services as a team to ensure your overall success with Cvent. Contact For: Questions regarding your Cvent agreement, billing, or adding to your current agreement with additional products and features.

Client Services Consultant

Oversees the successful adoption & use of the Cvent platform by providing set up consultations, training, best practices, account reviews, and more. Contact For: In-depth conversations about product implementation, adoption, and ongoing usage.

Professional Services Coordinator

Guides the implementation of an account or product (e.g., CrowdCompass mobile app, OnArrival 360 project, Event Build). You may work with these depending on the products and services in your agreement. Contact For: Questions related to the implementation of an account or feature, if relevant. For more about these roles, check out this great post.

Additional Support Resources

Learning Management System

Use this hub to complete training through designated Learning Paths in the system. This is a perfect way for new users to get started or for existing users to expand their knowledge. This system will keep you on track, allow you to view your progress, and go through the necessary courses in a timely manner. Access the Learning Management System through the Cvent Support Community by clicking on the Training tab.

Cvent Community

A free, on-demand resource available that houses a central knowledge base to maximize your success. First, you can browse through how-to guides, articles, and training. Then, you can continue to evolve your success through Forums, where you can post general questions or seek advice. Or, check out Customer Success Groups, where you can meet and network with other Cvent customers. You also have the opportunity to submit your own case for further assistance from a Cvent expert, or chat a representative for instant-messaging style assistance.

Customer Support

If you can't find an answer in the Cvent Community, consider this team your next line of defense. Customer Support is a go-to for any urgent or immediate assistance. It's the best (and quickest) route for product questions. Think “How do I change this session name?” or “How do I import this file?” As you can tell, there are endless opportunities to receive support. Next time you have a question, reference this post or this handy, Customer Success Guide and it can point you in the right direction. Print it, hang it at your desk, whatever you think will help you be sure you're leveraging everyone/every team available to you!


This post was written by Danni Czark, Client Success Consultant at Cvent. Danni is a James Madison University alum originally from New Jersey. She enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, going to concerts, and any kind of pizza.

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