May 18, 2018
By Cvent Success Team

Get to know the faces behind the Client Success blog team, who are here to bring you insider tips and tricks to maximize your Cvent experience.

Bella Marino

Bio: I’m a Senior Platform Solutions Consultant on the Client Services Team. When I’m not getting nerdy with my fellow Client Services team members and talking integrations, or writing blog posts, I can be found listening to music, going to restaurants, or exploring DC! Let me know if you ever need a recommendation for a show to see or places to eat when visiting our Cvent Headquarters in McLean, VA.

Favorite Features: My favorite feature in Cvent are the widgets that will help to build the content of all Flex events going forward! These are huge time-savers, configurable, and fun and easy to use! Who doesn’t love to drag and drop? My absolute favorite widget is the Countdown Timer. A countdown to your event start date or registration deadline is both exciting and tips your registration trend in your favor. Get people to register just a little bit quicker this time around by expressing that urgency!

Why Client Services: I love Client Services because it truly is where technology and product merge with people in the most direct way. We grow with the product and with our Clients, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it so far!

Kate Moon

Bio: I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing – I absolutely love writing and actually have several short fiction pieces I’m working on getting published. I have a 3-year-old puppy named Toby who is better than an alarm clock at waking me up in the morning. I’m also working on getting certified as a Sommelier.

Favorite Feature: Portals! The increased functionality from Parked Report Groups makes me smile.

Why Client Services: Because we talk to so many different clients who use Cvent in different ways, we have so many suggestions when it comes to setting up your event. We’ve literally seen it ALL! Also, we have a themed snack time each week which is pretty fun.

Minh Bui

Bio: My name’s Minh, I’m a Sagittarius. I am a University of Virginia alumnus and a huge UVA Basketball Fan (yes, I did watch the UMBC basketball game). A fun fact about me is that I am a U.S. and Australian Citizen!

Favorite Feature: Custom Data Tags! These are such a time saver when you’re duplicating events. My best tip is to use them for your email header images. That way you can just put the data tag into each email and when your next event comes around you only have to re-upload the image!

Why Client Services: I love the collaboration and creativity that comes out of Client Services. We understand that every client has specific and unique event needs and everyone is always willing to help out when it comes to building strategic event solutions. Also, Snack Day.

Emma Grimsdale

Bio: My name is Emma, and I’m very indoorsy. Love to be inside—watching TV, reading, resting, you name it! I also love to shop for discontinued seasonal candles on eBay.

Favorite Feature: Event Custom Fields. I love these as a way to categorize your events and create custom views on your Event Selection screen. They are often so underutilized! If you work with different event types like Standard, Flex, Express, a cool way to use Event Custom Fields is to create a drop-down custom event field with each type so when you look at all your events you can tell which type they are!

Why Client Services: Client services is amazing because we get to see the creativity that’s possible with Cvent. I’m constantly learning new things about the product because of the different ways I see my clients using the software for their events.

Michelle Williams

Bio: I am a Senior Client Success Consultant and I have been with Cvent for over two years. I am a George Mason Alum and have a passion for indoor cycling, conservation biology, and traveling.

Favorite Feature: Our easy-to-use OnArrival check-in app that helps streamline the onsite experience for both Planners and Registrants.

Why Client Services: My favorite part of working at Cvent is my team.  The enthusiasm we have for the product and our clients is undeniable and we are always willing to lend a helping hand to each other to help brainstorm solutions to best serve our Client’s business goals.

Danni Czark

Bio: I am originally from New Jersey and have been working as a Client Success Consultant at Cvent for two years. Some of my favorite things are my spending time with my rescue dog, going to concerts, and eating any and all kinds of pizza.

Favorite Feature: My favorite feature within Cvent is reporting because I feel it brings the entire event experience full circle to show our clients their organization’s value and metrics through the platform.

Why Client Services: My favorite part of working within Client Services is the team-oriented environment, as we all constantly work together to brainstorm ideas for clients, assist when others aren’t available, and help each other be the best Success Consultant they can be!

Erin Baldwin

Bio: I am a Client Success Consultant at Cvent and have been supporting customers since 2017. In my free time, I really enjoy exercising, listening to music, and drinking iced coffee at any time throughout the day.

Favorite Feature: The new Site Designer in our Flex registration events because you can build some really cool sites using the new themes and customization options.

Why Client Services: My favorite part of working in Client Services is the dynamic atmosphere. No day is ever the same and no event or client’s needs are ever the same. I love getting to know each of my clients, their unique business goals and exploring the different ways they can use Cvent to help accomplish them!

Ash Kanojia

Bio: I'm a mild-mannered foodie who enjoys the finer things in life: Movies, Traveling, Video Games, and Karaoke.

Favorite Feature: Planner Alerts, because they’re the best way to stay on top of what’s going on in your event.

Why Client Services: No matter what, you can always rely on your fellow CSCs to help out and share knowledge!

Some of the links above are to the Cvent Community, a go-to resource for step-by-step help articles & tutorials, user forums, 24×7 support, and more. They are only accessible to Cvent users. Visit the Cvent Community to learn more.

 This was written by several members of the Client Success team at Cvent.

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