August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

Welcome to a three-part series called, "Maximizing Your Cvent Account."  In these posts, we’ll explore various ways to ensure you’re getting the most value from your usage of Cvent.  Our first post centers around making a plan for your success with Cvent using the Customer Success Review.

In life, you set goals. You set goals for your health, finances, professional growth, daily habits, and everything in between. To make sure you’re on track for your goals, every so often, you need to sit down and review them. Maybe you’ve met them and need to make new ones, maybe you’re off target and need to make adjustments, or maybe you’re right on track and it feels great to know that. Your events should be no different. When you get started with Cvent, you’ll establish goals related to your events. Some common ones include automating cumbersome manual processes, increasing event attendance and revenue, or making registration more user-friendly to your invitees. Whatever your Cvent goals may be, we want to help make sure you’re on track to smash them!

Enter the Cvent Customer Success Review (or as we call it, the CSR). The Customer Success Review is a meeting you’ll have with your Cvent Account Team that’s designed with two purposes in mind: reflecting on the past, and planning for the future. During the CSR, we’ll review your account, discuss past events and assess any event-related goals you’ve made to determine how on track you are to completing them (if you haven’t done so already)! So much of event planning is about finishing a task or event and immediately moving on to the next one so we frequently forget to do any reflecting. This can be tremendously helpful for identifying any potential areas of improvement for your events across the board!

Looking ahead, you’ll establish new goals with your Cvent team that will help ensure your continued success and lay down some action items related to them to make sure they are achieved. Your account team will help you identify any potential areas for expansion that can further optimize your use of Cvent. This could be anything from pieces of the product you aren’t using yet (it’s tough to know what you don’t know, after all), to any newly released features that may launch your event successes into the stratosphere, or simply make your life as a planner a little bit easier.

In short, the Customer Success Review is another tool in an Cvent user’s arsenal that can help in maximizing the use of the Cvent platform. Reach out to your Cvent account team to discuss scheduling one today!

This was written by Dixon Blue and Bella Marino, Client Success Consultants at Cvent. Dixon is an avid music-listener, book reader, tennis player, and food lover. Bella loves doing crosswords, road-tripping to visit friends and family, hanging out with her puppy-niece Penny the Golden Retriever, and pretty much any kind of pizza.

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