August 20, 2019
By Anderson Conte

Venue checklists are a simple way to make sure all your event requirements are met before the big day. Before searching for a venue, outline your criteria and make it incredibly detailed. Include room layouts, audio and video, and all your meeting needs to make submitting RFPs quick and easy. This will eliminate any unnecessary back and forth communication with your venue.

Your checklist will also be a useful on-hand resource and something you can refer to throughout the planning process. Think of it as a road map for your venue coordinator to ensure everything is in line with your meeting vision. Here’s a few things to include:

  • Your preferred method of communication
  • A response due date
  • Deadline decision date
  • Description of the organization hosting the event
  • Event date (and possible alternative dates)
  • Event time
  • Number of attendees and seating needs
  • Business objectives (what are you trying to accomplish?)
  • Activities on site
  • Sleeping room requirements
  • Meeting room requirements
  • Food and beverage needs
  • Room requirements (screens for a presentation, audio. etc.)
  • Parking and transportation requirements
  • On site management and security needs
  • Insurance needs
  • Estimated budget
  • Billing details
  • Other notes

Of course, each checklist will vary depending on each event’s objectives. Some events will need overnight requirements, while others will not require sleeping rooms at all. You may want to attach additional event info, standard contracts, etc., to your RFP, so make sure to consider those documents when it comes to length. Use your customized checklist to keep your audience in mind with every aspect of your event. The best planners know how to choose a venue that adds to the overall event experience, and it’s your job to pull everything together in a meaningful way. With your list of needs as your north star, you’ll be able to launch events that speak volumes. Need additional help with sourcing your next meeting or event? Check out our free resource The Essential Planner Guide!

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