Leading global investment firm Vista Equity Partners (Vista) and Cvent announced on April 18, 2016 that Vista (@Vista_Equity) would acquire Cvent, which had been publicly traded since 2013. The sale was completed on November 29, 2016.

Upon completion of the acquisition, Vista merged Cvent with Lanyon, which was already part of the Vista portfolio. The joint company operates under the Cvent name and branding and retains Cvent’s headquarters in Tyson Corners, Virginia, while keeping a significant presence in Lanyon’s former home city of Dallas, Texas.

The acquisition of Cvent and the subsequent merger with Lanyon have allowed Cvent to expand its product offerings and its customer base. Since Vista’s acquisition of Cvent, the company has been able to establish a presence in Australia and Singapore and has plans to expand into Japan and Germany in the near future.

Cvent has nearly 16,000 customers across all of its verticals, who use Cvent services to host approximately 350,000 events per year. 

Reggie Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of Cvent, had said of the partnership with Vista, “...strategic growth has always been an important part of the Cvent culture. When deciding on an investment partner, [I] wanted to ensure they could maintain and invest in their measured approach to growth.

With Vista as a partner, the Cvent culture has remained intact while the company continues to grow and increase its market share.”

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Robert F. Smith, Vista Founder, Chairman and CEO

Vista Equity Partners is a leading investment firm that specializes in enterprise software, data and technology-enabled companies. The firm works with the companies in its portfolio to drive positive change, innovation and growth that reaches the global economy.

Vista was founded in 2000 by Robert F. Smith, who serves as the company’s Chairman and CEO.

In the past two decades, Vista has grown from its Austin, Texas, roots to now operate out of its offices in Chicago, New York, Oakland and San Francisco.

Vista has made a commitment to bettering the communities it calls home

The firm has also made a commitment to bettering the communities it calls home. Supporting a variety of causes ranging from job training to the arts, Vista’s philanthropic giving focuses on increasing access to educational opportunities. This includes programs that help increase exposure for girls and women in the financial field and programs that create opportunities for children in marginalized communities.

The firm has partnered with STEM-education-focused organizations such as Code.org to host “Hour of Code” events, where children learn the basics of computer coding at free seminars.

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