Leveraging Gamification in the Events World

EPISODE 24|Leveraging Gamification in the Events World

If you have been looking for a new way to boost your events and realize true engagement, then today's podcast is for you!

Brooke and Cody sit down with Cindy Lo, CEO of Red Velvet Events, to get her take on utilizing gamification for events and how you can then track your ROI. Cindy also shares her advice for getting exhibitors and sponsors to interact with attendees on a virtual level. From exhibit hall bingo to branding, Cindy shares all the tips and tricks!


  • Cindy Lo, CEO, Red Velvet Events


  • Brooke Gracey, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Cvent
  • Cody Liskn, Team Lead, Event Quarterback Team, Cvent

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Brooke Gracey: Welcome to the how great events happened podcast we are broken Cody and we are your podcast hosts.

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Cody Liskh: Today's episode is another special edition video cast coming to you from our personal home offices in Portland, Oregon, and just like most of our listeners. We're also pivoting temporarily to work remotely, but we noticed even more important than ever to continue having relevant conversations about what is happening in the event industry, given our world's current situation. 

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Brooke Gracey: And we're joined today by Cindy low, the author of the Amazon number one bestseller behind the red velvet curtain. She's also the CEO of red velvet events to talk about her take on events holistically, whether they're in person virtual or maybe both. 

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Cody Liskh: Now, that's right. And she's also bringing us some really cool strategies on how you can still make your event a roaring success during these times. So Cindy. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING. Can you start by just giving us a little bit of background on how you started red velvet events. 

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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Yes, well thank you both for inviting me again and to join us today. So we started red velvet events almost 17 and a half years ago. And interestingly enough, it was actually post 911 

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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So I always tell people, you know, as we're going through this different time and challenging time there is some positive light that I think there will be some new beginnings and also new found virtual events that will come out of all this. 

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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And when we first started we were definitely focused more on corporate meetings B2B and a few social events. But as we grew, we, we recognize that what we were really good out where the live experiential events and activations and incentives. 

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Brooke Gracey: Are some of my favorites as well. 

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Cody Liskh: As I say that as soon as the activations AND BROOKE has activated a little bit 

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Cody Liskh: But I 

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Cody Liskh: Know I talked to you, Cindy I you told me that you're you're committed to doing everything you can. As a business to avoid layoffs, which I think is awesome. And it sounds like that's your top priority their red velvet. 

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Cody Liskh: When did you decide that this was your priority. And what did those initial conversations sound like 

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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Yeah, I know this is a great question because honestly, we are because things are changing so fast and rabbit in this time we are evaluating it every day. It's not even a weekly conversation, which I thought it would be. 


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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But where it started from was we asked ourselves if we really had to let the team go to kind of save on the cash. 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): What would that put us. And honestly, we are a services business. So we don't have catering, we don't have florists we we are who we are and 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): We take so much pride and who we bring to the table that for me to even lose one team member. It really did not bode well with me. 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So since we did have a combination of savings and thanks to the PPP, which is the payroll protection program from the federal government. 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): You know, we've made a plan on what we can do to keep the team alive. However, 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): We have had to be very transparent with our team every Monday during our team meetings on what that exactly means 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So this past Monday we actually shared with them, hey, this is our new financial goal if we want to actually get all the way to the end of the year. 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And notice I said end of the year, because previously if someone had heard me on this, they would have heard me say just through the summer. 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Well now we've officially changed our forecasting to look at all the way through the end of the year, you know, this is how much money we need to make 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So we have definitely gotten very creative. We've learned a lot about virtual events and we're even doing other things that don't even have to do with events, just to keep the team together. 



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Brooke Gracey: Yeah, sounds like. So you're planning some events may be virtual but certainly not as many as you were let's say the same time last year so 



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Brooke Gracey: How are you maintaining your customer base. I mean, I feel like this is the question on everyone's minds if we're not doing the events. Now, are we interacting with our customers. 



00:04:47.160 --> 00:04:58.950 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): No, it's true. Brooke and people asked, like you're not supposed to be selling during this time it's a pandemic and I agree no one wants to talk to a car salesman, you know, and I'm putting air quotes here. So this is the podcast. 



00:04:59.760 --> 00:05:12.600 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But it is the fact that you do have a relationship. So what was interesting is because we're based in Austin and South by Southwest was one of the first big us events that got cancelled. We were very greatly affected. 



00:05:13.380 --> 00:05:22.650 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): In fact, so March six is live is like a D day because that was the day the City of Austin declared South by Southwest officially cancelled. However, we already started getting 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Nervous inquiries from our corporate clients on March, the first. So we knew we could already feel the nervousness, they had about is south by can be cancelled. Do we need to pull out 



00:05:33.510 --> 00:05:45.090 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And because of all that we, I feel like we've been in this pivot for nine weeks. So we've had an extra week over most people extra week or two over most people and 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): When that happened, that week of March six, we immediately reached out to all of our clients, the ones that had not even talked about canceling 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): We just said, We know you're about to hear a lot of stuff from Austin. We know that you're watching SXSW and we want to reassure you 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): That we've been through crisis before, you know, and we're going to be here and we want to work with you throughout. We don't know what this will be 



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Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Honestly, I did not think it was going to be as bad as it is now, but we want it to just know that we were going to be there and that's been our constant message. 



00:06:17.040 --> 00:06:26.460 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And actually, that's why we also pivoted into additional services is we recognize that not everyone can pivot to a virtual event. So can we help them in other ways. Yeah. 



00:06:26.640 --> 00:06:30.540 

Brooke Gracey: I remember that day. I remember when it was announced south by was cancelled. 



00:06:31.560 --> 00:06:34.530 

Brooke Gracey: And have being an Oregon, you know, not 



00:06:34.530 --> 00:06:37.890 

Brooke Gracey: Yeah, Austin. It felt very impactful. It felt like 



00:06:37.920 --> 00:06:50.490 

Brooke Gracey: Okay, we know that this is a big deal. And that things are going to change for the foreseeable future, and now it's all about virtual and I know that you guys do a lot of consultations on virtual events. 



00:06:50.730 --> 00:06:58.050 

Brooke Gracey: How did you guys become those experts and what is it that sets of those conversations with your team, apart from anyone else. 



00:06:58.110 --> 00:07:05.880 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Yeah, no, I think this is good question, because there's actually a lot more competition in this market than there was in the live activation market. 



00:07:06.330 --> 00:07:10.230 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And I have to, I am always telling our clients, first and foremost, 



00:07:10.590 --> 00:07:18.930 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Prior to march 1 we had always pitched virtual all the time, but our clients left and right would give us excuses, like, yeah, it's not the right time or 



00:07:19.170 --> 00:07:26.880 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Maybe we'll just do it for that one speaker that can't fly in so that really isn't virtual that's just filming someone and bringing them in, you know, and putting them on the live screen. 



00:07:27.420 --> 00:07:39.750 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): A true virtual event is really having multiple you know breakout sessions people pre recorded some live. And actually, everyone is online. So it's kind of like us on on this, you know, call as well. 



00:07:41.040 --> 00:07:45.000 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): How we became the experts honestly is practice. I tell people all the time. 



00:07:45.330 --> 00:07:51.690 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): You're going to get a lot of people telling you that they're doing virtual but you should ask a lot of questions because no one out there. 



00:07:52.020 --> 00:07:57.990 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): has all the answers. And if they say they do, I'll be honest, I think they're lying to you because we too are still learning 



00:07:58.290 --> 00:08:03.300 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Daily and this week we have a large multi thousand person conference going on right now virtually 



00:08:03.570 --> 00:08:10.470 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And I've already learned a lot more new things. I was like, okay, we can't do this next time, because this is how the audience is engaging 



00:08:10.710 --> 00:08:16.710 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And so it's taking that feedback and putting it back in. And I will say, that's what makes us different from others. 



00:08:17.190 --> 00:08:26.910 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I keep pushing our team to remind ourselves that don't settle on just what the application can give you push ourselves just like how we push ourselves with activations 



00:08:27.300 --> 00:08:36.750 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): We know how humans like to be engaged. They want to be seen and heard. So if you're all of a sudden thousand you just have your little name. Okay. 



00:08:37.020 --> 00:08:44.670 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And you're in this virtual environment. What are we going to do to make them feel special because it is so easy to get lost. And let's be honest. 



00:08:45.030 --> 00:08:55.170 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): On those virtual meeting. It's very easy for me to go ahead and check social media or or check email and not pay attention to the speaker. So I think it's even harder to do virtual events successfully. 



00:08:55.920 --> 00:08:56.640 

Brooke Gracey: I agree with you. 



00:08:57.270 --> 00:09:00.930 

Cody Liskh: Yeah, and I know you said that you are learning everybody here at this event. 



00:09:00.960 --> 00:09:07.950 

Cody Liskh: We're all learning about virtual events. Do you like this is new uncharted territory, really, what are you noticing with everybody running virtual events right now. 



00:09:08.250 --> 00:09:16.350 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So I made this analogy. And it's funny, I because do you remember the first time you got your email address, like way back when, you know, 



00:09:17.340 --> 00:09:25.290 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Like at that time, you know, people didn't know what exactly to do with it. And so, other than like maybe send a high to a friend and then you started seeing people some 



00:09:25.770 --> 00:09:35.850 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): affording snail mail that you know became like Florida chains and you're like, No, that's not really the purpose of email and I still remember the first time someone used email as a marketing campaign. 



00:09:36.120 --> 00:09:50.220 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I was like that's genius. They're getting me to do an action and and so right now where I draw that similarity is in the virtual events. It's the Wild Wild West. Everyone is trying to throw spaghetti on the wall, see what sticks. 



00:09:50.610 --> 00:09:57.090 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And it's unfortunate because guess what we have a lot of grace right now that I don't know how long will have that before. 



00:09:57.420 --> 00:10:06.360 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And so I think people need to take away what's working and what's not working so so so I mean a perfect enables I remember when we were doing our rehearsal. 



00:10:06.630 --> 00:10:13.650 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): My speaker wasn't working. And we were talking about what can we do to ensure that the sound and the audio quality is going to be good. 



00:10:14.130 --> 00:10:20.910 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And it's doing rehearsals something as basic as that prior to going online versus struggling because then 



00:10:21.180 --> 00:10:32.730 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): It's again a really bad experience. And I can't tell you how many webinars. I've been on lately, where they're struggling with that and you've just lost your audience because you have just a split second to keep them. Yeah. 



00:10:32.910 --> 00:10:37.950 

Brooke Gracey: I like what you said there about this is sort of like a grace period right now. So it's like we're all learning 



00:10:38.010 --> 00:10:41.550 

Brooke Gracey: Yeah, but they're the bar is being set 



00:10:41.730 --> 00:10:48.060 

Brooke Gracey: And it's raised every single day and it's up to us as marketers and event producers to 



00:10:48.300 --> 00:10:56.730 

Brooke Gracey: Be in the know, and to be doing the best of the best. And I also have been hearing you know people talking about this kind of video fatigue, too, right, like 



00:10:56.970 --> 00:10:57.720 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): We're all 



00:10:57.840 --> 00:11:00.960 

Brooke Gracey: We're all we're I'm constantly staring at my 



00:11:00.990 --> 00:11:10.680 

Brooke Gracey: computer all day long. Even though I'm talking to other people. And so you know when the grace period kind of feels like it's over. What does that concept mean to you and what you know what are the some of the tactics that 



00:11:10.680 --> 00:11:14.160 

Brooke Gracey: We're doing to combat this video fatigue. 



00:11:14.370 --> 00:11:21.600 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Yeah, no, I agree. So, you know, I was watching someone else doing this live webinar. Are they were. It's a virtual meeting because they were 



00:11:21.750 --> 00:11:27.540 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): They were actually live and engaging. I noticed they actually incorporated dance breaks now you have to obviously know your audience. 



00:11:27.840 --> 00:11:33.300 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): If this is going to work because I'm going to be honest. My husband is right now on also a virtual conference and he's a tech guy. 



00:11:33.780 --> 00:11:42.420 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And if I said oh in 10 MINUTES WE'RE GONNA HAVE A Dance break. He would literally roll his eyes and go. You've got to be effing kidding me, this is not what I signed up for. 



00:11:42.810 --> 00:11:52.470 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But in this case, this other virtual meeting. It works because majority of the people attending or moms and they were looking to have something fun and different and to relate 



00:11:53.010 --> 00:12:00.720 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And so I thought that you know that works. So again, going back to knowing your audience, figuring out what can you do because you need a break it up. 



00:12:01.020 --> 00:12:08.100 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): If you think you can do eight hours of video content straight back to back, you're going to lose your audience so fast. It's just not reasonable. 



00:12:08.490 --> 00:12:13.500 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And one of the things I've noticed and I don't know why the developers haven't figured this out. 



00:12:13.860 --> 00:12:22.350 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): There needs to be a way in the chat room so that you can easily thread a conversation. So if I, for example, Cody start at one and I want to actually respond back to Cody. 



00:12:22.650 --> 00:12:33.180 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I can hit reply. So it's in thread and instead. What's happening is that the chat room is just filling up with all these noise and let's be honest, if you don't type faster read fast, you're going to feel left out. 



00:12:33.540 --> 00:12:45.060 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And the whole point of having a virtual meeting is to feel inclusive and and also to reach new markets that maybe couldn't fly to your event before. So, there is still a lot of positive things about having a virtual event. 



00:12:45.240 --> 00:12:52.200 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But I think we have, we still have a lot of gaps that we have to, you know, mix. I mean a to meet and and and get there. 



00:12:52.710 --> 00:13:00.060 

Brooke Gracey: I agree. It's not engagement. You know, we've been doing live events and activations for a really long time. We know that people's attention spans are like 



00:13:00.240 --> 00:13:11.220 

Brooke Gracey: Tiny and now you sit them in front of a computer where their families running around. I was literally just on a meeting with some of my co workers and one of them just stopped and was like my kid just fell off like 



00:13:12.600 --> 00:13:17.550 

Brooke Gracey: If she's going to cry or laugh. You know, I mean, we have so many distractions and 



00:13:18.060 --> 00:13:21.840 

Brooke Gracey: People always at live events done some gamification, you know, like 



00:13:21.870 --> 00:13:28.950 

Brooke Gracey: Just get people moving around, interacting with one another. It's a great way to connect. How are we leveraging gamification when it comes to virtual 



00:13:29.460 --> 00:13:37.620 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I will say there are some that are doing it better than others. I do highly encourage gamification. So the I'll use this week's of virtual meeting as an example. 



00:13:38.220 --> 00:13:46.470 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): One of the things they're trying to do right now is like a virtual bingo card. Every time you visit one of the exhibitors you get like a stamp and you get to kind of brag about it too. So like if you get to 



00:13:46.710 --> 00:13:52.740 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): 20 points, you get to push it out onto the market wall to say, Hey, Cindy low here I got 20 points. 



00:13:52.980 --> 00:14:00.780 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And so because when people start to realize, wait, what is 20 points equal and then they realize, oh, we're going to give this away for next year or 



00:14:01.080 --> 00:14:10.980 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Because there's different prizes prizes levels. It's like people that do want to again participate THAT WAY ARE GOING TO YOU HAVE TO BE OKAY, THAT not everyone's going to want to game a phi 



00:14:11.430 --> 00:14:21.450 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But gamma phi is the easiest. I always tell people, for people to fit in when they don't know anyone in that room. And that's where I will say take the time 



00:14:21.840 --> 00:14:31.650 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): To really think about how you can do it and do it well and you've got to make sure that there is something for everyone. So, for example, they even encouraged us something as basic as 



00:14:31.890 --> 00:14:38.850 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Hey, take a picture of the coffee mug. Your, your drinking out of today and hashtag this and show it to us so that we can see it that way. 



00:14:39.150 --> 00:14:53.730 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And this was just, I mean, again, it's not. It doesn't have to be the complicated gamification where, you know, you have to do a virtual reality or augmented reality. It can be as something as basic as do something for us so we can see that you're engaged and 



00:14:54.240 --> 00:15:01.620 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And another because they don't have video. This is a virtual meeting that there's no video. It's only unless you again share through Instagram or Twitter. 



00:15:02.610 --> 00:15:10.590 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): They were trying to come up with different ways. So they actually had different fonts allowed to pick in the chat room so that you can kind of show your personality. 



00:15:10.860 --> 00:15:21.540 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And I thought that was clever, because that's, that's one little touch that was very easy. And yes, there's only seven, you can choose from. But still, my point is, is that you can choose one that makes you happy, you know, 



00:15:21.930 --> 00:15:25.410 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And you could change the color so so you could stand out a little bit more 



00:15:25.830 --> 00:15:30.780 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So, so I going back to that question. I think it is definitely something you spend time on 



00:15:31.080 --> 00:15:39.150 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And and I may be jumping the agenda here a little bit. But one of the things that I think there is a misnomer, is that when you go from live event to virtual event. 



00:15:39.540 --> 00:15:48.570 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): It's cheaper and it's easier and I disagree. It's not a may save you a little bit of money, but honestly, what I have found so far because of the learning curve. 



00:15:48.810 --> 00:15:57.870 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): It's about the same, because you're going to need a staff, more people because we're going to want a moderator in each of the breakout rooms, we're going to want different people looking at all the 



00:15:58.560 --> 00:16:01.650 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): You know, different areas. So it's a little bit different and staffing 



00:16:02.310 --> 00:16:08.640 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But the other is that you do you need to really sit there and produce it with a producers hat on. 



00:16:08.970 --> 00:16:23.760 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Don't think like, Oh, I can just tell XYZ person to prepare the content and then let it go. You really need to think about it from a producers eyes and go is is my audience can really be you know entertained and are they going to find value in the content. 



00:16:24.510 --> 00:16:35.550 

Brooke Gracey: Yeah, no, I am I was surprised over the past couple months. How do putting on virtual events does take very much production I and a team. 



00:16:35.850 --> 00:16:37.560 

Brooke Gracey: You know, it takes a whole team. 



00:16:37.770 --> 00:16:40.590 

Brooke Gracey: I'm even doing a bingo game for my friends tomorrow night. 



00:16:41.010 --> 00:16:41.850 

Brooke Gracey: And I'm like, 



00:16:42.330 --> 00:16:47.580 

Brooke Gracey: PR trying to produce it and we're doing a test tonight, you know, because it's like we're, we've never done it before it let's 



00:16:47.640 --> 00:16:53.580 

Brooke Gracey: Kind of figure it out and you touched on something else when we were talking about gamification but personalization, the fonts and things like 



00:16:53.580 --> 00:17:00.990 

Brooke Gracey: That this layer of personalization that we have always focused on during live events and activations have to be part of the virtual experience and 



00:17:00.990 --> 00:17:03.570 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): People are craving it. I will say, 



00:17:04.440 --> 00:17:08.580 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): What something you said earlier, because I was like, I do want to make sure I've mentioned this. 



00:17:09.000 --> 00:17:21.180 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Is, you know how I always alluded to, and we're doing a lot of live activations where we got a lot of our ideas from was like festival stations, because they were just doing such a good job of engaging the audience live and in person. 



00:17:21.570 --> 00:17:31.590 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Well, I have to give credit to actually the gaming community right now that's pushing us to really rethink how a virtual meeting can be done so. 



00:17:31.860 --> 00:17:43.350 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Not, not last week about two weekends ago fortnight had another one of their concerts, but it was so well produced that everyone in the meetings and events world was talking about it and I don't even play fortnight. 



00:17:43.740 --> 00:17:54.180 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So of course I had to go online, look at the videos I had to understand. I wanted to understand what made it so impactful why everyone was talking that this was the way that virtual meetings would 



00:17:54.480 --> 00:18:04.770 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Would be graded against and I saw why because there was personalization. There was a sense of community and there was a sense of of fun. 



00:18:05.130 --> 00:18:12.390 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And so it's like all of those mixed into one and it did not happen overnight. That's the thing is that that's where we got to remind our clients that 



00:18:12.690 --> 00:18:15.420 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): You're going to be building over this community over time. 



00:18:15.810 --> 00:18:22.170 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And it's going to be important for us to have the right tone and the right message and the right delivery mechanism. 



00:18:22.380 --> 00:18:31.980 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So that it all comes together. When you do do your one big annual meeting. And again, I don't. I'm hoping that virtual meetings are not going to be forever and ever. I think it will be hybrid 



00:18:32.370 --> 00:18:39.750 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But in the meantime, at least again till the end of the year. I do see virtual meetings, more of a reality and a necessity than anything. 



00:18:40.170 --> 00:18:46.980 

Brooke Gracey: Yeah, I mean, and you bring up a good point, like we've been doing virtual events there are communities out there who have been doing that's 



00:18:47.010 --> 00:18:51.180 

Brooke Gracey: Virtual and doing it. Well, it's time to tap into that expertise. 



00:18:51.420 --> 00:18:55.380 

Brooke Gracey: And see how we can bring it to the larger meetings and events industry. Yeah. 



00:18:55.920 --> 00:19:01.770 

Cody Liskh: Yeah, Cindy. You said earlier that you are on kind of an unsuccessful webinar. So you've been on plenty of those 



00:19:01.800 --> 00:19:09.600 

Cody Liskh: Oh yeah but like in my mind before this even happened. I kind of confused webinar with virtual event and you said the same 



00:19:09.690 --> 00:19:13.920 

Cody Liskh: Legally different. Yeah. What are the differences between the two. And, you know, how should we think about them differently. 



00:19:14.430 --> 00:19:25.830 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So, to me, a webinar is something like as basic as a zoom you're you're trying to provide some key content and maybe a 45 minute snippet where you'll probably have one one panelists. 



00:19:26.010 --> 00:19:32.130 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): You could have a panel, I guess. But the main thing is is surrounding one topic and you're just trying to push the information out. 



00:19:32.430 --> 00:19:40.620 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And yes, there might be some light engagement, but it's really just in the chat room or you can fire some questions off but it's, that's it. And it's one and done. 



00:19:41.130 --> 00:19:48.330 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Whereas in a virtual meeting you are talking about keynotes. You're talking about sponsors, you're talking about also 



00:19:48.840 --> 00:19:59.850 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Usually, more, more than 100 people at a time. So, so, and honestly, I have. I haven't seen where it's in between. I see. They're like, it's right around 100 or some thousands 



00:20:00.120 --> 00:20:05.220 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So there's that. I don't know why. There hasn't been really that medium spot. I'm not sure. 



00:20:06.180 --> 00:20:13.530 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): But like this week's meeting is several thousand and and honestly if we had come together in person, it would have been much higher as well. 



00:20:14.190 --> 00:20:22.140 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I think people were just not sure if they want it to pay that much to go to a virtual meeting. And that's the other thing to keep in mind is that 



00:20:22.590 --> 00:20:35.220 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Reason why people go to meetings is to do several things. One is to conduct business to is to make connections that they can't normally make when they are behind a computer or behind a cell phone. 



00:20:35.820 --> 00:20:48.600 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So if you can't give them that in your virtual meeting you really need to think twice about how much you're going to charge. And what you're going to deliver as a marketing message because you could then just be a really well conducted like 



00:20:49.470 --> 00:20:52.800 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Almost like a fancy YouTube channel. And that's not what people want. 



00:20:53.550 --> 00:20:58.860 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): People. The reason why they're coming to virtual meetings and events is because they want to be engaged and they want to be a part of a community. 



00:20:59.160 --> 00:21:10.590 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So that's where I would say plan from that angle and ask yourself, How Am I really getting them to all be the cheerleaders and and to rah rah rah our brand or our mission when they come out of this meeting. 



00:21:11.460 --> 00:21:15.240 

Brooke Gracey: Yeah, and I mean a lot of events aren't charging to rate. 



00:21:15.330 --> 00:21:26.160 

Brooke Gracey: So there's a lot of events that would have charged face to face, but now it's kind of free virtual which then brings up the whole question of ROI. So 



00:21:26.250 --> 00:21:29.010 

Brooke Gracey: How are we tracking ROI in these virtual events. 



00:21:29.220 --> 00:21:42.840 

Brooke Gracey: Are we looking for engagement. We're being told, you know, we shouldn't be selling, which we know we're just connected right so that's usually a large part of the ROI mean how are you talking to your clients about this. And are there any cool ideas around sponsorship to 



00:21:43.710 --> 00:21:47.010 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): It's a, it's a little bit. I hit I hit or miss right now. 



00:21:47.610 --> 00:21:53.280 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Some sponsors have been very upfront and honest with us, saying that I don't want to sponsor that that's not what I was agreeing to when I 



00:21:53.550 --> 00:21:56.880 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Agree to sponsor XYZ event I was really wanting to be there in person. 



00:21:57.180 --> 00:22:06.510 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So, how we try to show them the ROI is one beautiful benefit of being digital is now I do get metrics. So I really can tell when someone comes to my event. 



00:22:06.810 --> 00:22:16.950 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): If they stay logged in and on my active screen for however many minutes so being able to actually give them more metrics, what was before, if I was actually in a hotel Ballroom. 



00:22:17.460 --> 00:22:23.760 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I unless I put everyone on RF id, name badges. I couldn't tell you how long someone would be in a general session, you know, 



00:22:24.270 --> 00:22:31.800 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): So, so there is that upside the other, which I've been trying to really push people to understand is that if you are going to get sponsors. 



00:22:32.190 --> 00:22:44.520 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): You do need to figure out how can you pair up the registered attendee list to do one on one appointments with them. Don't make it just this. Hey blanket exhibit room go over to the marketplace and sign up 



00:22:45.090 --> 00:22:55.170 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I want you to really go and go, oh, I know you and I know you mentioned you need help with registration online. I know someone over at Stephen and I'm going to schedule a one on one appointment. 



00:22:55.560 --> 00:23:04.350 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And because this meeting was free. We ask that you you keep your 15 minute appointment with them because this is how we get our content delivered to you for free. 



00:23:04.920 --> 00:23:09.870 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Because any attendee knows good events do not get produced for free. 



00:23:10.410 --> 00:23:21.090 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): They know there's a catch. And so I I'm all about transparency, explain to them. And if we also lay it out. And maybe that's what we need to do going forward is that, you know, 



00:23:21.450 --> 00:23:34.230 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): In exchange for this, this has been sponsored by, let's say Cvent we are asking that you accept the 15 minute post meeting conversation to me. I think that is more than fair to say that is how we're charging for these events. 



00:23:34.740 --> 00:23:50.520 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Like that. Yeah. Yeah. Because, because it is. I mean, right now with Google and YouTube. There's so much free content out there, but not all is created equal. And I'd rather someone come to me and say this is what we're going to do and 



00:23:50.940 --> 00:24:02.940 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Take the time to that the the speaker, because to me what I don't care for is when it's a sponsored event. And then the person sponsoring. It is the speaker doesn't make sense. 



00:24:03.360 --> 00:24:07.770 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I'd rather it be like someone that I really can't listen to normally 



00:24:08.040 --> 00:24:15.180 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And the fact that Stephen pay for it. And I understand that. That's my you know my exchange. I'm all good for that. Yeah. 



00:24:15.390 --> 00:24:25.380 

Brooke Gracey: Absolutely. You gotta have you gotta have the good content authors or it's really easy for someone to leave. It's not hop on a plane and go home. It's literally like 



00:24:25.620 --> 00:24:27.000 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Just yes it's just close it out. 



00:24:27.240 --> 00:24:28.200 

Brooke Gracey: Never. Yeah. 



00:24:30.270 --> 00:24:30.510 

Brooke Gracey: It's 



00:24:30.570 --> 00:24:32.100 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): True. It's true. 



00:24:33.390 --> 00:24:42.150 

Cody Liskh: Cindy this I knew this is going to be such an awesome podcast episodes. So thank you so much for joining. I gotta ask you, you know, if you had to leave our event professionals with just one takeaway or 



00:24:42.360 --> 00:24:46.740 

Cody Liskh: A piece of advice when engaging audiences effectively with these virtual events. Would that be 



00:24:48.000 --> 00:24:49.470 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): One. Oh. 



00:24:49.530 --> 00:24:50.610 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Just it's only one. I know. 



00:24:52.020 --> 00:24:53.910 

Cody Liskh: That's why it's the hardest question, which is why 



00:24:55.020 --> 00:25:09.240 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Don't underestimate good branding because and I hate to. I hate to use this as an example because obviously, this was a failed event, but the fry festival, you know i i actually studied that event. And I was like, wow. 



00:25:09.900 --> 00:25:17.700 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): How did they commit so many people to buy these tickets with. It's a first time event, blah, blah, blah. And it was because they branded it well. 



00:25:18.420 --> 00:25:27.660 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And if you want to get out of the gate you know and do this first time virtual event. You want to make sure you get the biggest audience and the best ROI and everything. 



00:25:28.260 --> 00:25:43.080 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): To the time and spend it on the branding and make sure your whole message is cohesive because to me the worst thing when I when I see very ugly DIY branding and I can't help myself. I just want to go in and fix it all. 



00:25:43.170 --> 00:25:44.310 

Brooke Gracey: I'm the same way Sunday. 



00:25:46.320 --> 00:25:54.540 

Brooke Gracey: We gotta get you got to get people excited, whether it be make your event your virtual event and put some theme around it. Is it a block party. 



00:25:54.540 --> 00:25:55.230 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Is 



00:25:55.260 --> 00:25:56.850 

Brooke Gracey: How Chela is it 



00:25:56.970 --> 00:26:00.270 

Brooke Gracey: Just make fun and people will come, you know, 



00:26:00.300 --> 00:26:02.400 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And also people will talk about it because 



00:26:03.060 --> 00:26:10.260 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): My gosh, that was so smart like I've seen some silly internal zoom calls people will just tell them, hey, can everyone bring a silly hat. 



00:26:10.620 --> 00:26:22.020 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Or Can everyone wear their jerseys or favorite jerseys. I mean, it's just something as basic as that you don't have to go out and buy anything new, but just make it engaging because people want to be a part of a community. Remember, yeah. 



00:26:22.470 --> 00:26:23.730 

Brooke Gracey: And we're born, we want to be. 



00:26:26.670 --> 00:26:28.350 

Cody Liskh: I want to couch Chela Brooke. 



00:26:31.410 --> 00:26:34.050 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I know the first time I saw someone brand. I was like, Dang it. 



00:26:34.170 --> 00:26:34.590 

Brooke Gracey: I know 



00:26:34.620 --> 00:26:34.920 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): That was 



00:26:35.610 --> 00:26:36.510 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I had thought of that. 



00:26:39.060 --> 00:26:39.540 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): It is 



00:26:41.010 --> 00:26:42.720 

Cody Liskh: Well, Cindy before we let you go, is there anything you 



00:26:42.720 --> 00:26:44.520 

Cody Liskh: Want to promote or share with our listeners. 



00:26:45.060 --> 00:26:51.060 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): You know we are again like I said, pushing additional services. In addition to our normal virtual consulting 



00:26:51.420 --> 00:27:01.530 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And a lot of people ask me why it has nothing to do with events and I realized that, you know, for us it's about giving back to the community, because we know a lot of our peers have been recently furloughed or laid off. 



00:27:01.890 --> 00:27:14.400 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): And they might be just looking for that you know pep talk or maybe some career advice or maybe they've decided just like I did after post 911 start their own business. So we've actually added a bunch of just 



00:27:14.670 --> 00:27:26.730 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Non event related services that our team is really good at and it's on our website. So if they go to Red Velvet events. COM. They can see it at the bottom link and it takes them to a shopping cart, which is 



00:27:27.300 --> 00:27:33.810 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): If you had asked me even, you know, January, would I ever have had a shopping cart on our website, the answer would have been no because 



00:27:34.110 --> 00:27:46.170 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Who we were an agency we don't we don't do that kind of stuff. But you know what, in times of crisis and a pandemic. We have to get gritty and resilient and so we even made some T shirts to commemorate 



00:27:47.520 --> 00:27:55.860 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): This quarantine and shelter in place. So, those that are in the event business might appreciate some of the the witty phrases that we've put on T shirts. 



00:27:56.370 --> 00:27:59.940 

Brooke Gracey: That's cool. Well, and I love adding things to my virtual shopping cart. So 



00:28:00.300 --> 00:28:01.860 

Brooke Gracey: Probably be there before we know it. 



00:28:02.220 --> 00:28:06.930 

Brooke Gracey: Was thinking you mentioned something earlier in our conversation about the 



00:28:07.080 --> 00:28:08.550 

Brooke Gracey: Virtual dance party. 



00:28:08.790 --> 00:28:10.230 

Brooke Gracey: What if we have a little 



00:28:10.290 --> 00:28:12.870 

Brooke Gracey: Virtual dance party and dance our way out of this. 



00:28:12.930 --> 00:28:15.390 

Brooke Gracey: Oh, I love it. Yeah. 



00:28:16.110 --> 00:28:16.590 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I get ready. 



00:28:17.100 --> 00:28:23.160 

Brooke Gracey: That Cindy, thank you so much for joining us. This is one of the best conversations we've had you have such great energy 



00:28:23.340 --> 00:28:29.400 

Brooke Gracey: And everyone else, we will put links to everything we're talking about here in the podcast description and Cody. 



00:28:29.550 --> 00:28:31.200 

Brooke Gracey: Cue music and dance party. 



00:28:31.380 --> 00:28:32.040 

Cody Liskh: Let's do it. 



00:28:32.190 --> 00:28:32.580 

Brooke Gracey: Okay. 



00:28:32.640 --> 00:28:34.050 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I love it. I'm gonna hold up. 



00:28:35.310 --> 00:28:35.640 

Oh, yeah. 



00:28:36.870 --> 00:28:38.250 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): I know I wish I was here. 



00:28:40.170 --> 00:28:40.860 

Brooke Gracey: The roof. 



00:28:43.500 --> 00:28:44.460 

Brooke Gracey: Hello spring. 



00:28:48.540 --> 00:28:51.300 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Actually getting up and moving. Doesn't it make you feel good and feel 



00:28:53.250 --> 00:28:54.060 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Again, see. 



00:28:55.140 --> 00:28:56.280 

Cody Liskh: Russia blood to the brain. 



00:28:57.420 --> 00:28:57.750 

Cody Liskh: Now, 



00:28:59.850 --> 00:29:03.600 

Brooke Gracey: You want to see us do the dance party where we also have this on video on YouTube. 



00:29:05.700 --> 00:29:06.450 

Brooke Gracey: Just listening. 

00:29:08.160 --> 00:29:09.630 


Brooke Gracey: So thank you again, Cindy. 


00:29:10.410 --> 00:29:10.800 

Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events): Thank you. 

00:29:11.190 --> 00:29:12.540 

Cody Liskh: For having me. Thank you.