A Goldmine Most Event Planners are Ignoring

When it comes to bringing events to life on-budget and on-time — and making them memorable for the right reasons — planners usually welcome all the help they can get. But are they overlooking what can add up to thousands of dollars in professional assistance simply by neglecting to reach out to their biggest allies in the event destination? Yes, if they aren’t calling on the local CVB or DMO before contracting a DMC.

According to a recent study, only 19% of event planners are taking advantage of this key relationship and missing out on countless benefits. 

Check out our new infographic to see the benefits, including. 

  • How you can use inside information and book events years in advance. 

  • How to tap into a wealth of valuable industry connections for a variety of benefits.   

  • How CVBs/DMOs can help you roll out better attendee experiences. 


See the full infographic