TSNN Event Tech Research Report

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A research report on how event producers are using technology to capture data, improve their event strategy and marketing, and enhance the attendee experience. Insights based on a survey of leading event producers, with findings broken out by association and for-profit exhibition organizers.

Events and technology have a unique and powerful relationship. Technology, and the ability to generate and measure data, is transforming the events industry. Over the past few years, convention and exhibition producers have made the leap from mainly using technology to communicate with attendees to harnessing event data to improve their strategy and planning, better market their events, and enhance the attendee experience.

In response to these trends, TSNN has developed a new industry study to help convention and exhibition producers benchmark their technology usage – and access new ideas to use event technology more effectively to increase the value and efficiency of their shows.

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  • The most important event technology developments and trends impacting exhibition and convention producers
  • The most effective way event producers are using event data
  • Event technology budget growth forecast
  • Dozens of quotes from event producers on the value of event technologies and how they are being used
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