Get results with Cvent Business Transient


Save 50% in processing time

5% off

Lower rates with streamlined negotiations

6% off

Lower rates further with competitive benchmarking


Eliminate the number of room nights incorrectly loaded

Business transient overview


Get the best transient rates quickly and easily

Transient RFP Sourcing saves time and money searching, finding and selecting from over 100,000 hotels for your transient travel programmes.


Ensure accurate rates and availability

Rate integrity makes it easier to confirm your negotiated hotel rates are loaded, accurate and bookable in every global distribution system.


Unmatched transparency into your travel spend

Business Intelligence provides visibility across your entire company travel spend and savings with real-time data, allowing you to confidently negotiate competitive hotel rates.

Enterprise Solutions

Engagements & Projects

Source and negotiate hotels for mid- to long-term engagements and projects.

Hotel Directory

Consolidated list of hotels for corporate travellers to reference when looking to book their travel.

Rate Parity

Compare your negotiated rates across commercial websites (Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) to ensure you’re getting competitive rates in the marketplace.

Rate Availability

Proactively check the availability of your negotiated rates to ensure they're bookable at the correct rate.

Reverse Audit

Identify hotels that have loaded a negotiated rate but have not been accepted into the programme (squatter hotels).