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Cvent's integration with Concur Travel makes booking flights a cohesive part of the attendee management process.

The world's premier global travel booking tool delivers the broadest travel content through an intuitive and easy-to-use Web-based interface. Cvent's integration with Concur Travel enables companies to capture and manage more travel spend while driving compliance to corporate travel policies, reducing travel expenses.

Concur Travel's online booking, reporting, and agency support functions make the travel procurement process quick, easy, and affordable for everyone involved in corporate travel.

The Many Pain Points of Disparate Systems

  • Transient travel captured in the SAP Concur system, but not meetings-related travel.
  • Flights are booked outside of the meeting/travel policy.
  • Travel scheduled without approvals.
  • Missed savings opportunities.
  • Planners lack accurate, up-to-date arrival and departure manifests for travelers.
  • Manual process for uploading attendee travel information.
  • Attendees receive separate confirmation emails for meetings and travel arrangements.

Simplified Travel Management with Cvent & Concur Travel.

  • Direct secure sign on from Cvent into Concur means one simple process from registration to travel and hotel booking.
  • Transient and meeting-related travel is captured and tracked in one system.
  • Attendees can register for the meetings and book travel simultaneously in one fluid process.
  • Send attendees one confirmation with both meeting and travel details.
  • Travel approval is automatically processed, freeing up administrative time.
  • Flight information is captured in real time, eliminating the need for manual entry and cross-checking of records.
  • Meeting professionals can access all attendee information and create comprehensive reports in Cvent.
  • Grant travel agents access to relevant reports to eliminate the trouble of manually sending the data.

Travel Compliance & Visibility

Cvent's integrations with Concur Travel mean higher visibility, control over spend and high compliance with corporate meeting and travel policies.