British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

With multiple membership types the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) needed a registration solution that would enable them to provide unique registration journeys for their different members.

100+ events supported through the platform
A whole day's work reduced to 2 hours
Eliminated human errors


The Issue

BSCC was struggling to manage their event registrations. They had unique sign-up methods for four different categories of membership type. This meant a significant amount of manual work, which resulted in there being human error. Prior to onboarding Cvent, more members of the BSCC team had to be involved in the event registration process. The finance team had to manually set up payment processes and constantly chase payments. The absence of a single, integrated system for storing event data and taking payments during registration, resulted in a time-consuming process replete with human errors. This hampered the team’s efficiency and took up a lot of their time.

To reduce the stress on the team and support their growing events programme, BSCC decided it was time to automate and streamline their event management process.

Why Cvent

The BSCC team decided to bring Cvent on board in 2015 after being drawn to the online event management platform’s expansive capabilities. With a powerful one-stop shop solution integrated with its core operations, the team was able to put a sophisticated signup and payment process in place and add value to the user experience. “When people are signing up for registration, rather than having invoices sent out and chasing payments and things being documented manually through Excel, they can now pay when they sign up, which makes our life easier,” says BSCC’s Events and Marketing Manager Charlotte Ganon.

The new platform also ensured all event data is stored at a single location, saving a lot of time for the team and further enabling them to professionalise their services. “Cvent has really helped us keep everything in one place. It works with our external payment systems and everything else. So, everything is just working so much more efficiently for us,” exclaims Ganon.

With more time on their hands and a robust email marketing solution at their disposal, the team was able to get more creative with their marketing and explore different tactics to interact closely with their members. “Cvent’s e-marketing tool enabled us to do cleverer marketing to our members by method of a monthly newsletter, VIP invitations etc. We really enjoy using that as it enables us not to have to go through the whole event setup,” adds Ganon.

Ticking All The Right Boxes

With cumbersome manual processes out of their way, the team has been able to focus more on other business areas — something they weren’t able to do before. 

One of the things the team likes best about the Cvent system is its user-friendliness. Despite their team comprising individuals of various ages and technical ability, the platform’s simplicity and flexibility enables all users including the 100+ volunteers that support the BSCC to easily build and manage event registration.

Overall, by leveraging the Cvent platform, BSCC has been able to organise more events with greater efficiency. “We’ve been using Cvent now for four years. We have built, on average, 100 events per year on the Cvent platform. I think that is testament to the fact that we actually can run a more efficient event programme now.”  

“Prior to Cvent, we did far less events because it took far more time to set events up and a lot more resource. So, Cvent is ticking a lot of boxes for us,” she adds.