The Marketing Society

The Marketing Society adopted Cvent to streamline their onsite check-in and increase the ease of collection and analysis of event data.

More efficient check-in process
Improved event analytics
Reduction in badge wastage

The Marketing Society runs 120 events an year for their members, ranging from 25 people breakfast and dinners to conferences with up to 700 attendees. Their flagship annual conference has approx. 400 people attending. In 2019, this event was called ‘Bravest Conference’ - bringing members together to network, collaborate, learn and listen to senior leaders from the world's biggest brands, entrepreneurs and international sports stars who do TEDtalk style sessions.

Before Cvent

The Marketing Society used to print their badges before the event and laid them out on a table for when attendees arrived. The badges were then picked up and attached to lanyards, which slowed down the check-in process and resulted in long queues.

Linda Seymour, Head of Events at The Marketing Society knew there must be a better way to handle this. “I saw Cvent at an event and noticed how smooth the check-in process was, with the badges being printed on-demand as the attendees arrived and checked-in with the iPad. It also allowed them to correct any spelling mistakes on the spot, and reduced wastage of badges for no-shows”.

Using Cvent

The Marketing Society decided to use OnArrival360, enabling them to have a Cvent Project Coordinator on site at their event to help with registration and ensure a smooth operation. “Marija [Cvent] uploaded our attendee list into Cvent and arrived on the day everything we needed for check-in – an iPad, badge printers, lanyards and badge stock. The whole process was really smooth and easy, and Marija trained the team on how to use the tools. They commented on how simple it was and how helpful Marija was”. The Marketing Society utilised the OnArrival app which gives live analytics on attendee’s arrival. Linda said the app was “great for the team to see how many people had arrived and checked-in”.

Benefits of Cvent

The benefits Cvent had on the event were immediately obvious. The onsite check-in was much smoother and improved the attendee experience. “It took just 40 minutes for every attendee to check-in and collect their badge, significantly faster than in the past”. Tracking all of this within the OnArrival app-enabled easier data gathering too. They no longer had to check people off in a spreadsheet when they arrived or share this information with each other over emails. All of The Marketing Society team using the app could see the analytics in live-action on their devices. “We definitely would like to use Cvent again at future events”.