Mobile App Marketing Playbook


A Guide to Increasing Mobile App Adoption

There's no doubt about it - it's time to go mobile.

The conference mobile app revolution has arrived, spanning nearly all demographics and markets and becoming an expectation for the coveted next generation conference participant. Is your organisation or association taking advantage of this technology? If not, maybe it's time to bring your event up to speed and see how mobile event apps work to benefit you and your attendees.

Before you do, download this eBook and get a handle on the latest strategies for driving mobile app adoption. We have observed that clients who properly plan and promote their app receive 80% or higher download rates.

A few of the topics covered, include:

  • What Attendees Expect in a Conference Mobile App
  • Foundational Steps for Success (Spoiler alert: Adoption Drives Monetisation)
  • A Mobile App Roll-Out & Marketing Plan
  • Tactics for Changing Behaviours from Print to Digital
  • 10 Smart Moves: Your Adoption Acceleration Toolbox

This eBook also includes a Timeline & Checklist to help you launch your first conference mobile app and deliver a valuable, memorable experience to your attendees.

After downloading this mobile app marketing eBook,

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