January 03, 2020
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Bermuda offers 75 miles of dramatic coastline — a perfect backdrop for proper productivity. Diverse venues and legendary hospitality make the island a premier destination for meetings, conferences, and incentive programs. Both completely dialed in and totally set apart, Bermuda is a meeting destination unlike any other.

Here are five reasons Bermuda will elevate your next meeting or conference.

1. Location and Time Zone

Explore a 21-square-mile island set apart in the Atlantic that's still easy to get to via daily, nonstop, 90-minute flights from New York City. Less than three hours from most U.S. East Coast gateways and under seven hours from London, it also uses Atlantic Standard Time, making it an ideal destination.

2. It's a Place Like No Other

While Bermuda's style is famously elegant, the island’s people are genuinely kind. It’s filled with warmth, tranquility, and natural beauty, and its creative spirit shines through the diverse, vibrant culture. Attendees will encounter island life that blends tradition, innovation, and fun, guaranteeing lasting memories.

3. U.S. Tax-Deductible Meetings and Customs

Meetings in Bermuda are U.S. tax deductible, and food and beverage expenditures are not taxed. Attendee gifts can be imported into Bermuda duty-free, as long as they are exported at the end of the meeting. Also, on your return trip, customs are cleared in Bermuda, which allows fast access to the baggage claim on your return. In addition, Global Entry kiosks are located in the Bermuda airport terminal to expedite clearance for preapproved travelers.

4. Innovation With Tradition

While Bermuda’s travel industry is evolving with an alluring number of developments, it's staying true to the essence of the island. With grand dame hotels undergoing multimillion-dollar renovations, new hotel projects in the works, and a new state-of-the-art international airport terminal set to open in 2020, attendees are guaranteed to embrace traditional Bermudian elements alongside modern innovation.

5. Uncommon Venues

Be inspired with a fitting backdrop. Islandwide, Bermuda is like a safe and open 21-square-mile island resort. Whether it's a private island retreat or a historical fort overlooking the turquoise waters, it offers venues to suit every style.

The reasons to hold your next event in Bermuda don’t end here. Learn more by visiting our website.

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