November 08, 2019
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Fifteen cities with more than a million people and 1,642 unique destinations in a country without boundaries. It is a place with a variety of climates and cultures that provide the perfect environment for a diverse and authentic hospitality portfolio, connected with local traditions and recognized for an outstanding and warm personal service. It’s not easy to choose the best destinations in the Brazilian portfolio, among so much natural beauty, history, culture, and business and so many beaches, carnivals, and investment centers, as well as cosmopolitan cities. Selecting only a few is impossible.

However, over the years, Marriott has been able to build its presence in this Latin American giant and discover unique growth experiences with its visitors. Each of these cities was chosen by Marriott, not only for their ideal characteristics for the properties, but to highlight the most important aspects of the Brazilian culture, so visitors can have a great time while crafting their own wonderful stories. Here are some of the reasons why Brazil is a top-tier destination.

Where Diversity Defines Destination

Given its tremendous size, Brazil has countless destinations filled with a historic past, including the urban vibe of Paulista Avenue in the heart of Sao Paulo, which spreads along about 2 miles of dazzling shops, restaurants, and exclusive corporate buildings; the magnificent beaches of Recife; the splendid view from the Cristo Redentor of Río de Janeiro; the biggest port on the east coast of South America in the city of Santos; and a wonderful stroll through Parque Farroupilha in Porto Alegre. Brazil is a destination suited for all tastes and preferences in the Americas.

More Connections for Seamless Travel              

Brazil has the second-most airports and airstrips in the world, after the United States. Home to more than 4,100 airports, Brazil makes for an excellent hub for easy air travel. As of June 2019, citizens from the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Australia don’t need a travel visa to visit Brazil.

Connecting domestic and short-range flights, Brazil provides easy access to other countries in South America. Hosting more than 6.5 million tourists a year and more than 50 million domestic connections, Brazil is a true giant!

Over 2,500 Hotel Rooms in Marriott-Branded Portfolio

The meeting planning process sometimes can be overwhelming, but having an experienced on-property staff can make the experience really pleasant.  When it comes to planning your meetings or events, Marriott International hotels will guarantee a high-quality standard across its portfolio, making the process seamless and easy, whether you’re holding an event in New York or São Paulo. Take advantage of various options, with over 100 meeting rooms and more than 120,000 square feet of convention space among 10 Marriott International hotels along the Brazilian Atlantic coast. From the imposing Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort in Rio de Janeiro to the Sheraton Reserva do Paiva Hotel, Recife, surrounded by the turquoise water of Brazil’s northeast region, guests can choose the perfect setting to create memorable experiences.

Bleisure With Unstoppable Nature 

It’s not uncommon to see travelers add some leisure activities during their business trips. This is actually getting more and more common — the "bleisure" trips. The Iguazu Falls, the Amazon Rainforest, and more than 2.3 million acres of coral reefs that form a beautiful arch in the Atlantic Ocean — they contribute to one of the largest natural paradises on the planet. Large financial centers are intertwined with wildlife refuges that define one of the best destinations in Latin America for bleisure.

Evolution of Secondary Cities

Secondary cities represent new destinations for business travelers, while at the same time offering more options to host great events at an affordable cost. New ventures, business centers, and urban complexes emerge in cities along the coast and offer new experiences for visitors and businesses. Parks, restaurants, bars ,and event destinations are the perfect environment for the main digital economy hub of the Americas.

Without a doubt, Brazil is an iconic place to plan a successful and unforgettable event. Its specialists will be providing all the advice you need, from the moment you book to the time you finish — all with the unsurpassed benefits of the largest travel program in the hospitality industry, Marriott Bonvoy.

Discover infinite possibilities with Marriott Hotels in Brazil and explore our portfolio in this beautiful country.

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