April 09, 2021
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Create new business leads and close more sales through Long Beach’s turnkey solutions, which include stylish indoor and outdoor spaces that may be scaled for every live and simultaneously streamed game-changing event.

The past year has taught us two things. We can accomplish more than we ever imagined online, and we absolutely crave the social interaction of in-person gatherings.

Now, what if you could make your next big event incredibly energizing in real life and equally immersive for everyone watching on a screen, too? That’s right – buh-bye Zoom fatigue, hello WOW factor.  

Long Beach has developed a truly innovative hybrid meeting platform with turnkey solutions, using the superb talent of its new Director of Creative Initiatives and a highly trained professional team to help you plan and execute your hybrid event with choreographed precision.

Watch your event go live and come alive

There are so many ways to unleash your creativity with hybrid events. The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center campus is filled with scalable spaces designed to accommodate a complete gamut of audience sizes – from large venues in The Pacific Ballroom with stages for entertainment and an area to feed a huge crowd to quieter areas for focused one-on-one video interviews or room to think.

As soon as everyone walks through the doors, their gaze will gravitate up to its diverse lighting – from the sparkling chandeliers to the dazzling technical lights that can be programmed to put on a multi-colored, magical show inside by the Terrace theaters and outside by the Terrace Plaza’s dancing water fountains where they may also enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean and temperate Southern California climate.

These lights, along with an abundance of natural lighting, will work together to create a highly enjoyable sensory environment that sparks joy.

Set the stage for conversation and collaboration

Inspired by the set designs of Hollywood, you may transform these spaces into different inviting themes from around the world. For example, the Pacific Ballroom may evoke springtime in Vienna, a beach scene with sand or hold an Asian temple. This expansive room is completely flexible and scalable, serving multiple purposes. There could be a separate area for enjoying live music and shows, mingling, or enjoying cocktails with other attendees. 

The center’s surrounding spaces feel like a luxurious hotel with lush seating for mini-meeting spots and networking pods where attendees can relax and socialize while taking advantage of mobile device charging stations.

When your attendees’ step outside, they can enjoy resort-style lounge chair seating and relax under the expansive canopy reminiscent of a far-off land. What a treat for the senses to enjoy the ocean breezes, open grassy areas for a picnic,  sculpture installations, and gorgeous public art murals. Or they can recharge with the coffee shop-style seating or analog games, such as ping pong and foosball. The Cove, with its “street party” motif, is the perfect backdrop for extending your theme outside. Perhaps a playful disco, block party, or street fair? Of course, your event wouldn’t be complete without the SoCal food truck experience. With so many choices, you’ll soon find why Long Beach is such a culinary hotspot.

The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center’s entire campus is integrated with lights and cameras, so you may truly capture the dynamic, lively experiences of your event. It’s a first-class venue ready to be broadcast or livestreamed anywhere in the world. 

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