Supporting higher education institutions across all sectors

From large state systems, to R1 private and public universities, to community colleges and everything in between, our growing client community uses Cvent to drive enrollments, accelerate gift giving and increase the impact and reach of events across all types of institutions.

Client success stories

Cornell University

Use Case: External Relations and Fundraising 


  • Increased online registrations by 68% while saving 10 hours of manual data entry work per event
  • Increased attendance by 10% each year since 2011
  • Increased sponsorship contributions by 25%

Penn State University

Use Case: Conferences and Small Courses


  • Increased program offerings from 41 to 260 (6-fold increase) 
  • Increased registrants from 6,012 to 24,645 (4-fold increase) 
  • Resulting in more than $2M in revenue back to the programs in year 5 (10-fold increase) 
  • Supported by the same amount of staff

University of Southern California

Use Case: Parents Weekend


  • Increased program offerings by 46%
  • Increased attendance by 29%
  • Resulting in 5/5 ratings by a majority of attendees
  • Saved time and money through multi-modal event management

Louisiana State University

Use Case: Alumni & Donor Relations


  • Saved $1,500 in printing costs per event
  • Saved 800 hours of labor
  • Increased sponsorship contributions by $7,500

Why institutions choose Cvent

Cvent's platform is flexible and scalable from supporting event management needs within a department to serving as the enterprise event technology platform across an entire institution or system.

Regardless of role, department or division within an institution, Cvent introduces a common set of benefits:

  • Efficiency –Empowering teams to do more with less and achieve greater results.
  • Cost Savings –Introducing cost savings across all initiatives.
  • Increased Revenue –Increasing reach and impact of events, driving incremental revenue.
  • Flexibility & Scale –Offering a model with enough to meet you at your starting point and grow and evolve as needed.
  • Analytics & Reporting –Ongoing ability to track, monitor, measure and take action on performance across all initiatives.