December 03, 2020
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This year has left a lot of event planners seeking advice about how to run an online convention or how to host an online conference. It may seem intimidating at first. Worrying about getting up to speed on all the logistics involved with an online or live event, but it can be just as relaxing as a day at the beach – right here in Long Beach!  

In fact, the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau is ready to help you leverage all the benefits of a traditional live, onsite event with our new, cost-saving, turnkey solutions for online events. This is what we call “Long Beach Live.”

We make it easy. Our on-site experts will guide you every step of the way – from brainstorming online convention ideas, to planning opportunities that will help you communicate, engage and connect with your audience, to the final production and digital transmission of your online convention.

Your onsite attendees will feel safe in our wide-open spaces both inside and out which allow for ample social distancing as well as unlimited opportunities to connect. While your online attendees will be mesmerized by our gorgeous, fully scalable spaces and the infinite turnkey customization options that are included (at no extra cost!) such as incredible furniture and stylish décor.

An Unparalleled Production Powerhouse

The entire Long Beach campus serves as a production-ready stage, so not only will we capture every choreographed moment but we also make your transition into hybrid events simple by providing you with:

  • A brand new onsite, executive position of Director of Creative Initiatives to oversee every event
  • An experienced television producer to ensure your event is a sleek, professional, eye-popping experience
  • A fully staffed, highly trained team of experts to assist at every step
  • Professional studio capabilities in every event space – with more lights & cameras than most production studios
  • Professional sound systems and programmable theatrical lighting in every venue on the LB campus

Unlimited Online Opportunities

Long Beach creates deeply immersive hybrid event experiences using audience engagement strategies including live chat, social media integration, and remote Interactivity.

And we’ll make sure to connect your online live convention to the world using audience interaction technologies such as the live onsite experience, livestreaming, interactive, and live On-Demand capabilities.

Long Beach Live has the ability to integrate with any online convention software and all of the social media platforms. You can learn more at

Sophisticated Spaces

On-site guests will have the feeling they’ve arrived when they enter The Pacific Ballroom, one of Southern California’s hottest meeting and special event venues.

Wide open outdoor spaces include the Terrace Plaza – complete with programmable dancing water fountains and The Cove, with its “street party” motif, is the perfect place to enjoy the SoCal food truck experience with plenty of room for social distancing.

The entire campus is enhanced with meeting spots and networking pods where attendees can relax and socialize while taking advantage of mobile device charging stations.

Where Cosmopolitan Meets the Coast

Just steps away, you can explore the beautiful downtown waterfront with all of its accommodations to fit any budget or style. Whether it’s shopping, entertainment, nightlife, first-class restaurants or delicious eateries, there is always something to do in Long Beach – don’t forget to check out some of Long Beach’s famous attractions such as The Queen Mary or the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Long Beach is the perfect blend of big-city excitement and the laid-back welcoming atmosphere of a beach resort with small town charm. Now with the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center’s new Hybrid Convention Studios, everyone can take part in the action.

Long Beach Live – Here & Anywhere.

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