September 05, 2019
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What better way to add value to your team meeting than to make time for some team-building activities throughout your busy week? The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark offers a variety of different team-building activities that will have your employees wanting more. Studies have shown that when you develop a sense of unity among your team, it increases productivity and creates a happier workplace. 

Let’s face it: Planning a team-building event can be extremely overwhelming, but we are here to simplify the process and offer a multitude of different activities. You will have only two responsibilities throughout this experience: picking which team-building activities you want to incorporate into your company outing and having FUN! 

1. Kartrite Brains & Brawn Challenge

Think about "The Amazing Race" and then multiply it by 10! "Go big or go home" is our motto, and our brains and brawns challenge is the ultimate team-building experience. Groups will be separated into teams of two or four. Each group will be put through a series of challenges across the resort. The objective is to gain the most points by completing challenges and bonuses. Here are just two of the many obstacles available for this amazing challenge:

  • Relay Races, including but not limited to sack races, playground challenges, lawn darts, water gun and cup game, army crawl, and bucket shoot.
  • Carabiners Ropes Course, in which two team members will complete each obstacle on our state-of-the-art ropes course within the allotted timeframe. If you can’t complete the challenge within the time, you must start from the beginning! Each team member will then switch roles.

2. Games, Games, and More Games

Did you ever dream of being on your favorite TV game show? Well, your company will have the opportunity to make that dream come true. Here at the Kartrite, we run a variety of popular TV shows that will test your knowledge and teamwork. Options include "The Kartrite Feud," "Deal or No Deal," "The Price Is KartRITE," "Minute to Win It," and much more!  


3. Lip Sync Battle

We will help you organize and run a lip sync battle that will have your employees laughing for hours. We will provide you with an assortment of songs from all genres to pick from. In the end, it is up to the crowd to decide the winner, so you will have to use some stage props and a lot of moves to wow the audience!

4. Hiking to Success

Your company can take a hike as a team on one of our five amazing trails with nearly 6 miles of scenic hiking! All our trails offer a different adventure, and it will be your choice on how difficult you would like your hike to be. Take a gentle stroll down our Sullivan Trail, or go on more of an adventurous hike down our Toboggan Trail. Split up into teams or stay together to enjoy the company and explore the beautiful Catskills woods and all the natural beauty. You can even make it into a scavenger hunt to see which team can find the most animals on the hike!

5. Monticello Motor Club's Ultimate Destroyer

Just down the road, Monticello Motor Club offers a two-hour group competition that culminates with a winner-take-all car-crushing experience. Participants will learn to drive a 15-ton FV432 Armored Personnel Carrier Track Vehicle before competing on a custom 25-acre tank operations course. The drive with the highest overall score will then crush a car in the massive Chieftain Main Battle Tank. Want more of an adventure than that? Couple your Tank Experience with a one-hour off-roading adventure in a Polaris RZR on MMC’s 300-acre course.

With so many different types of team-building activities available to do in our area, your attendees will leave refreshed and united. By mixing up different activities to suit the skills of your company, we can help create a more productive work environment and lead your business on an unstoppable path!

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