June 05, 2023
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Incorporate Ancient Tradition into Your Next Event

Conrad Punta de Mita resort is uniquely situated in Nayarit, Mexico—a place with exceptional natural beauty where the jungle meets the sea.

It’s also a convenient destination where indigenous culture and local traditions combine to create an atmosphere that’s authentic and comfortable, familiar yet exotic, not to mention rejuvenating and good for your health.

There’s a mystical magic to this part of the world, where ancient traditions are seamlessly fused with modern luxury and comfort. Groups at Conrad Punta de Mita can choose from a range of cultural experiences that are sure to have guests still talking about the event even long after they’ve watched their last sunset from the sand and made the trip back home.  

Temazcal Ceremony

What’s a great way to help people make memories and bond? Get them outside of their comfort zone.

For many people visiting Punta de Mita, taking part in a traditional Temazcal ceremony is the first time experiencing an indigenous sweat lodge, or enjoying a holistic healing event that not only helps to purify and release toxins, but sharpen mental clarity.

The Temazcal process has been practiced for centuries, and the word is derived from the Nahuatl, Temāzcalli, which translates as “house of heat.” Hear water sizzle as it’s poured on hot stones, which are known as abuelos, or elders, in a nod to the ancient sense of wisdom and reflection the heat can impart.

Take a deep breath of sage and copal as a local shaman, or temazcalero, guides you through the two-hour spiritual journey of healing self-discovery, which not only aids blood flow and releases mental burdens, but can help clear up skin, support elements of weight loss, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Group sizes of 8-10 people can enter the traditional domed, stone structure (which represents the mother’s womb), though the experience can also be custom tailored to suit any larger groups.

Día de los Muertos Welcome Reception

Though the true holiday is celebrated in November, groups to Conrad Punta de Mita can arrange a custom welcome ceremony that’s based on the popular, culturally significant, and festive “Day of the Dead.” For one day each year, the border between spirit world and physical world dissolves and fades away so that families can welcome back souls with music, dining, and dance. 

From sugar calaveras (skulls) to music and face painting, this unforgettable welcome ceremony lets group participants experience local customs, all while located just steps from the water in a lush, beachfront setting.

Zarandeado Beachfront Dining:

For the native Huichol people who traditionally inhabited this stretch of Mexico’s coastline, the ocean has always been a resource that’s full of flavorful bounty.

In what’s arguably one of Punta de Mita’s most memorable dining experiences, the zarandeado private event features local fishermen who arrive from the nearby village of La Cruz Huanacaxtle and provide the chef with freshly caught fish that’s slowly roasted over the grill.

Zarandeado means “to turn or move,” and references the way the fish is fileted and then slowly rotated and seasoned over heat, topped off with spices and lime. The style of cooking is believed to have originated here in Nayarit, and between the freshness of the fish and the smell of burning wood mixed with lime, spices, and salt, this meal (which also features ceviche and drinks) is the ultimate sea to table experience for treating your private group.

This is all in addition to authentic evening dining at Codex, our signature restaurant, where regional tradition meets bold flavors in an intimate beachside setting.

Whether it’s a corporate retreat, incentive trip, wedding, or family reunion, Conrad Punta de Mita can tailor an exquisite, culturally rich getaway or event that feels like a true taste of Mexico.

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