December 18, 2019
By Cvent Guest

There is value in heat mapping and traffic flows, but in this post we want to focus on some innovative ways to use beacons in support of the event experience.

How Beacons Work

Beacons are pieces of technology that emit Bluetooth frequencies, which are then picked up by devices within proximity (such as an event app), and prompt the device to perform certain actions. Typically, the proximity functions of beacons offer 4 main avenues of use for event planners:

  1. specialized communications
  2. marketing opportunities
  3. check-ins
  4. gamification

However, there are plenty of ways that you can use location technology to support the event experience. Here are 15 innovative ways to use beacons at your next event:

Beacons 15 Ways

  1. Launch the item sheet when an attendee enters the Silent Auction room
  2. Drive gamification. By using beacons, you can encourage attendees to do certain actions that drive a more productive event experience. Actions may include:
    1. Scavenger hunt check-in
    2. Prompt attendees to upload photos for points
    3. Take a survey or quiz at a specific station
    4. Favorite documents launched by a beacon
  3. Provide an initial greeting at hotel reception area, thus leading with a strong event experience and presence
  4. Launch a welcome message at the event reception
  5. Use beacons to launch session check-in instead of PIN entries or scanning QR Codes
  6. Enhance the exhibitor experience by launching a brochure when an attendee approaches an exhibitor’s booth
  7. Pop-up featuring the dinner menu when attendees enter the dining room
  8. Introduce a fun event activity at the transport rally point
  9. Launch a product demonstration video at a product display
  10. Welcome video from the president at the coffee stand
  11. Launch a venue guide (video or document) to give attendees the lay of the land upon arrival
  12. Launch a reminder to fill out a session survey at the exit to the general session
  13. Place a beacon at the end of a hallway to let lost attendees know they are leaving the event area – or inform them of additional places to visit
  14. Manage attendance by allowing attendees to check-in upon arrival to special off-site events
  15. Launch a message to attendees who arrive at the registration desk outside of operating hours and show them the posted registration schedule

Beacons in practice

Beacons can be excellent in boosting the event experience because they seamlessly blend into an attendee’s natural path at your event. While you should be sure to have failsafe plans in case of hardware failure, beacons have great utility and, when deployed correctly, can have incredible positive effect on your event.

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