August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

You may not think about how small meetings can use an app, but there is something to be said about the impact of apps in this area. Small meetings typically have 20 - 100 attendees, and companies that host dozens of small meetings a year can see great value in mobile app adoption. Photo source: watcharakun

The cost of doing small meetings

Let's start by estimating the paper cost for a meeting of 50 attendees. The cost of printing and shipping a conference schedule can average $3.50 per piece, or $175 per meeting. This may not seem like a huge expense, but if your company does 24 meetings a year, that ends up being more than $4,000. Imagine what you could do with those funds.

The impact on the environment

So, what about the environmental impact? It can be easy to lose track of paper usages with smaller meetings as opposed to a meeting with 2,500+ printed programs. You may order 10% extra as a 'just in case', which can add up, and any unused overage will end up getting tossed. Going digital is the easiest way to practice sustainability, impacting both printing and shipping.

The power of flexibility

There are many benefits of using an app, such as providing an easy way to access your program, connect with other attendees, and see what information resonates with your attendee. One other important benefit is the flexibility in changing content vs. the rigidity of printed programs. Changes happen, and digital content can be quickly updated, versus requesting another round of printing.

Don't discount app usage in your small meetings. It can have a big impact!

Written by Lisa Apolinski

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