November 02, 2016
By Cvent Guest

We are all looking to get more attendees at our next event, but what are we doing wrong? Turns out a lot of us are doing too much (or maybe not enough) when it comes to email marketing. Since email marketing is more of an art than it is a science, we all have a bit to learn. But, when it comes to successfully marketing your events via email, here are a few tips:

Grow Your List Throughout the Year, Naturally

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that you can't expect to show up once a year and see a flood of attendees at your event. You have to engage your audience year round. While you're publishing content, make sure you give people a way to sign up for your newsletter. The first key to a great email marketing campaign is making sure that people have opted in. The last thing someone wants is to receive another unwarranted email, so please make sure you give people a place to sign up.

Make It Interactive

The first key is to create an engaging headline that will get your reader's attention. Don't oversell, but show value. If you're offering a discount inside, make sure the subject line declares that. Then - once inside the email, make it visual and easy to read. No one wants to read paragraphs so make it simple for people to scroll and scan. Once you've done that, you'll see that your audience will respond more quickly and effectively.

Don't Be Afraid of Following Up

Segmenting your list is really important. Let's say you send out a marketing campaign and get a 15% response rate. Rather than sending to the entire group, make sure you only send to those who did not open the campaign or didn't register for the event. Change up the message and try again. Sometimes, it's a timing issue and other times your initial message just didn't hit the right way. So don't be afraid to follow up. That being said, don't stalk people, either.

Written by Liz King

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