August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
As you plan your event, you should also be planning how to engage with your attendees before they get to the show floor. Here are three mobile-friendly channels you can use to help boost pre-show engagement.

Event page

Your event web page should be live and ready to accept registrations. It should also have all the necessary info on the event, including time, parking, fees and cut off for registration. Be sure to make the description of the event more than just informational. Highlight why the event is something not to miss, and point out anything that's different about this year's event.

Social media

 When you start your pre-event activity, think about setting up social media to drive success. This means having your hashtag ready to go, temporarily changing your links in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to go directly to your event page on your website (to help drive traffic to that page and the event), and sharing info on your event via social media. You'll also want to see who might be a good candidate for your event, and do some simple targeting in Facebook and Twitter so they know the event is coming up and can start following your social media channels for more info.


 Do not underestimate the power of email in the pre-event engagement process. Develop a strong subject line so the recipient wants to open the email to read more. Make sure you have all the necessary links (both to your event page and to your website if they want to learn more about you), and put basic info into an easy-to-read format so someone can use the email as a reference later on (such as the date or location). These mobile-friendly mediums are a great way to reach out and connect with attendees before your event begins. How have you used mobile to help facilitate this kind of communication? Written by Lisa Apolinski

Cvent Guest

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