August 20, 2019
By Cvent Supplier Network
Gone are the days when live-streaming was used just for band performances and baseball games. With several established social media channels having rolled out their own free live streaming apps, live streaming has become more accessible than ever, and therefore, more common. Streaming your events live online is now no longer just a trend, but an event essential for event marketing professionals. But what to do with the live-streamed content after the event? You should never just forget about it once the event is over. A lot of hard work goes into recording an event on camera, and it’d be a real waste to not find other uses for all that valuable content and footage. Here are some of the ways you can repurpose a live-stream video:
  • Upload it online: Everybody loves free stuff. Uploading your live webcast content on a free video sharing site is a great way to share the event experience with a large number of people and promote your brand. Having access to free, ungated video content will make people want to immediately take a look at it and share with others. This strategy can be used for recurring events, where you could share snippets of last year’s live-stream footage to generate buzz about an upcoming event.
  • Use in ‘Thank You’ emails: Use your live-stream footage to create a short video that runs a quick recap of your event. The video could include clips from recorded sessions, interspersed with footage that captures the excitement and essence of your event. Include this video in the thank you email that’s sent out to attendees, sponsors, and presenters for attending the event. Encouraging them to share the on their social networks. This video can also be used in invitations for next year’s event to help drive registrations.
  • Convert to other formats: Get the most out of your live webcast video, by converting your content into other formats to make it usable on various platforms. Write a summary of the educational session videos and post them on your blog; or use the industry knowledge captured in the live-stream to create guides or infographics. Try creating a podcast of the event by ripping the audio from the footage. Screen the video content for appreciative quotes from attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, and use it to promote your organization and your next event.

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