August 20, 2019
By Featured Venues & Destinations
We all know that the environment can have a major impact on how we approach someone or how efficient we learn. The ideal surrounding can support starting an interesting discussion and create room for extending diversions. In the following blog we listed the 5 essential requirements to improve the outcome of your meeting:
  1. Accessibility
A short way to the location will saves time and lightens the mood of your guests or partners. It is important to have a meeting point, that is easy accessible from airports, train stations and public transportation. Take as an example the German capital Berlin. In the heart of Europe, Berlin is the ideal meeting place for international meetings. With two airports the metropolis is very easy to reach. The local infrastructure guarantees a quick and uncomplicated journey to the location.
  1. Flexibility
Your needs depend on how many people you invite, which topics you discuss and what kind of meeting style you prefer. Sometimes you will need various rooms and structures at a time, so it is very important to have a hotel or business center that fulfill your requirements. In Berlin, the Kempinski Hotel Bristol at the Kurfuerstendamm offers varied spaces for networking, conferences, lectures or team buildings. The hotel creates your meeting in a way that suits to your needs.
  1. Convenience
Comfort is the essential condition for a successful Meeting. In the ideal case, accommodation and meeting are in the same building or within walking distance only a few minutes away. In this way you can avoid stress for your colleagues and can start relaxed into a great meeting day.
  1. Food & Beverage
Even the cleverest minds need a break with good food. It is scientifically proven that fresh and healthy meals encourage concentration and performance. So pay attention to the quality of the food. In addition to that you have to ensure a good mood. It is perfect to have spaces for a get together with your collegues, to have a coffee or celebrate with a drink at the bar after your meeting. In case of our example – the Bristol Bar of Kempinski Hotel Berlin is one of the best ten bars in the city.
  1. Destination Framework
Also the surrounding of your meeting location should be suitable so that all participants can enjoy their free time. Pay attention to a wide range of shopping, entertainment or cultural activities. To consider all these aspects and find the right location for your meeting is not easy. But the Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin meets all requirements. In addition to the versatile meeting rooms, the participants can stay directly in the hotel's 300 rooms. The Bristol Hotel also offers a variety of food, drinks & entertainment. In two restaurants and a bar you can enjoy culinary highlights next to the meeting. Furthermore, the central location in City West, as the ideal starting point to discover Berlin, is a great advantage of the Kempinski Bristol. So if you choose this location for your event – nothing can go wrong.

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